no power? do i need new motherboard????

  chilled fc 19:42 26 Mar 2008

hi i have just brought a faulty emachine 390, 2.3ghz, 512ram, 80gb.
motherboard asrock p4165g socket 478.

when i turn it on no power, no beeps, no fans start, no picture or bios.i dont think theres a light on motherboard.
hard drive and cd drives both work.

have put a new power unit in and new on off switch but still not working.

could it be the motherboard blown? cant see if burned as case on other side cant come off it doesn't smell burnt?

should i pay more money for replacement board (i'll buy the same motherboard)
or if i buy a new board what says that will work?
please help me.

  Totally-braindead 19:46 26 Mar 2008

The trouble is it could well be the board but it might have taken the processor with it and other than trying it I don't know of a way to test it. I assume from your description theres nothing, no beeps or any sign of life.

Maybe someone else can come up with a suggestion.

  chilled fc 19:55 26 Mar 2008

no signs of life, but ive read that these emachines do have a commmon problem with power supply going then taking the motherboard with it.

as for the cpu ive got no way of testing it so i was just going to by a new motherboard?

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