no power, advice please

  disco 12:31 30 Mar 2003

I am trying to build a 2nd computer for the kids to use
I have a 1gz pentium but There is no power coming through I have bought a new power unit but still no power I have been told by the shop where i got thr P.Unit that it may be the mother board, could this be corect does anyone have any ideas how i can check this b4 buying a new MB


  overseers 12:43 30 Mar 2003

have you check the power from power unit and all leads,might be something as silly as leads not connected properly.

  Gerrycan 13:03 30 Mar 2003

Sounds silly,but have you checked to see if power switch is on at the back of the pc,I know someone who never checked that,and that was her problem,Also what type of mobo is it?

  Stuartli 16:28 30 Mar 2003

Plus the PSU's mains plug and/or socket is working correctly and that a fuse, for instance, has not blown.

It could wel be that Gerrycan's suggestion may prove to be the answer - it's amazing how many people don't know that a PSU normally has its own spearate on/off switch.

  pj123 17:11 30 Mar 2003

Also check the CMOS jumper is not on the "clear CMOS" pins. and make sure the memory is seated correctly.

  disco 20:21 31 Mar 2003

thanks everyone for the advice I have discovered that the hard drive I fitted developed a fault and was apparently to blame

  graham 20:26 31 Mar 2003

Glad you're sorted, please tick.

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