No POST on startup

  Si_L 11:21 11 Aug 2009

I have just installed a new graphics card into my system (9600GSO) and it won't perform the usual POST test on boot. I have a feeling that this isn't because of the graphics card as I tried booting without the card in before and it was the same, before that the POST was just reading no video card.

All the lights and fans come on, just no POST test and no image on the screen.

  martjc 11:25 11 Aug 2009

...If so, have you disabled the onboard card from BIOS or a jumper sw1tch?

  Si_L 11:32 11 Aug 2009

No, I never used the onboard graphics.

  Si_L 12:31 11 Aug 2009

Now heres a funny thing, I laid the PC flat on my desk and checked it over, connectors, reseated RAM and GFX card, checked it over basically, and then plugged in the power, DVI and keyboard and it worked fine.

So I put the case upright and attached the panel back on and its back to no POST test. I laid it flat again and it worked, then as it was on put it upright and the display went black.

The 9600GSO is a huge card, twice as heavy as my previous one, could this be the problem? I have screwed it to the case like normal but could the weight of the card be causing this?

  I am Spartacus 13:21 11 Aug 2009

Temporarily loosen the screw holding it in place a bit, it may be 'warping' it.

I've had a really heavy card fitted with a solid copper aftermarket heatsink and it did sag a bit.

  Si_L 14:20 11 Aug 2009

I opened the case to loosen the screw and now, even on its side, it won't boot, despite screwing it back in as normal. I have looked at the card carefully sideways and upright and I don't think there is any sag to it.

  T0SH 15:15 11 Aug 2009

It sounds very like you have screw come loose or one has been dropped and become lodged between the backside of the motherboard and the case so when the case is lying on flat the screw is also lying flat on the case metal side panel but when you stand it up it moves and shorts out a part of the motherboard track to the case

So a strip down may be required to remove the offending object

Cheers HC

  woodchip 15:23 11 Aug 2009

Something not seated right, Make sure all motherboard Plugs are full in also check Ram is fully in and any cards

  Si_L 17:24 11 Aug 2009

I took the side panel off that the case was resting off and there was no screws or such loose, so I think we can rule that one out.

I have double and triple checked the mobo for loose plugs, and reseated the RAM and graphics card, but the problem still persists.

  GaT7 17:42 11 Aug 2009

If it works OK out of the case, something in the case is causing a short like T0SH implied.

Are you remembering to connect the PCI-E connector from the PSU when placing it in the case? G

  Si_L 20:13 11 Aug 2009

When I referred to the case being off, I only meant the side panel which the case isn't leaning on. On or off, it makes no difference to the PC's ability to boot.

The only power connector I have going to the card is the 6 pin one for the fan. Is that the one you mean?

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