No POST - No Nothing

  ScottyM 11:05 19 Apr 2007


My PC is about 2-3 years old. About two months ago it powered on and randomly started searching for the floppy disk and nothing else, then it powered on and nothing happened - no POST, no beeps just the CPU fan spinning.

Since then I have bought identical processors and motherboards from ebay and tried swapping them out to no avail. I then purchased a new PSU but that did not fix it.

I then tried the benchmark test - i.e. I used the motherboard alone with the CPU, Video card and one stick of RAM. The exact same - still no POST. I have tried booting without ram - No POST. I even tried a different Video card - No POST.

What else can I try

Athlon XP 2400
PC Chips M848A Motherboard

  Trademark 11:51 19 Apr 2007

Replace the CMOS Battery with a new one.

  alan2273 11:58 19 Apr 2007

As it is unlikely that you would have brought two useless items of e-bay, the only thing that you have not changed is the ram.
you say you have stripped it back to the bare essentials, have you tried another stick of ram?.
If the PSU was faulty it is possible if you tried it on your new motherboard that it could have damaged that.
It could also have damaged the ram, is it possible to try the ram in another computer?.

  ScottyM 12:58 19 Apr 2007

Thanks guys.

I don't think it is the CMOS battery as it has happened on both boards.

I have three sticks of RAM (2x256 and a 512Mb)and have tried them all seperatley.

The PSU was the last item I have replaced. As usggested my biggest fear is the old PSU has damaged my replacement motherboard or processor already.

It is beginning to look as though I would be better buying a new PC.

Any other suggestions - anyone??

  riiverstock 14:35 19 Apr 2007

First point is to avoid PC Chips motherboard.

Now,reset the Bios either by removing the battery or moving the JP1 jumpers on the board.Look in the manual.This very important as it will reset everything on the board.

Usually,if the CPU fan is spinning then it indicates that the cpu is not dead.

Do not connect any devices onto the board.
Make sure you connect up the case speaker to the pin headers.Remove all the ram.
You should be hearing bleeps?

The board is designed for a X8 graphics card although the SIS chipset can handle X8/X4.
What is the spec of your graphics card?

If you can get your hands on a basic PCI graphics card then I would initially use this instead.

"As it is unlikely that you would have brought two useless items of e-bay"- in my opinion e-Bay and PC Chips go hand in hand when it comes to purchasing poor computer gear.

  ScottyM 14:44 19 Apr 2007


I am aware PC Chips are crappy - but it got average reviews and was very cheap at the time (learnt my lesson)

I will try as you suggested - though I may have tried this already as I have done everything you have suggeste dpreviously - but maybe not in that order.

My graphics card is a Saphire ATI Radeon 9600 256mb - I think it is 8x. This has worked for years.

Anyway got a very old S3 virge 3d pci card to also try.

  riiverstock 14:49 19 Apr 2007

ScottyM best of luck.

  ScottyM 13:59 20 Apr 2007

Hi Riverstock,

Done as suggested...

Removed battery

Disconnected everything and only had MB, CPU, fan and a basic video card and speaker attached.

Put batter back in

Powered and no beeps. Just the CPU fan spinning??

Help - I think it is well and truly f*CK*d

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