No POST beeps, no Windows loading - nothing

  exdragon 16:48 22 Jun 2011

Hi - I have a problem with the above. I couldn't close an open email or Outlook, the screen just flicked into Standby. I couldn't shut down the normal way, via the Start button nor would Task Manager stay on the screen long enough for me to close the prgramme and I eventually turned off with the switch. I hadn't been doing anything beforehand either.

There is no POST, no beeps, a black screen, can't start in Safe mode and have the feeling it could be serious - can someone soothe my shattered nerves, please? It's XP, by the way.

  exdragon 17:09 22 Jun 2011

The Acronis bootable disk has no effect either.

  ICF 17:11 22 Jun 2011

Is the motherboard getting any power ie are any fans running or any led's on?

  exdragon 17:16 22 Jun 2011

The fans are on, as is the printer. The hard drive light is on (but not moving), as well as the power switch and one of the two external drives - not sure why the second one isn't, though. So presumably this means the power is ok?

  ICF 17:20 22 Jun 2011

I mean the CPU fan and any led's on the mothetboard inside the case

  exdragon 17:23 22 Jun 2011

Ah - sorry! I'll have to get my chap to do that, but that won't be til tomorrow. Any clues as to what it could be?

  ICF 17:32 22 Jun 2011

What happened with the acronis boot disk?

  exdragon 17:44 22 Jun 2011

Nothing at all, the CD and DVD lights flashed, but no joy.

  ICF 17:51 22 Jun 2011

Hard drive could be knackered.I hope you kept your hard drive image on a seperate drive

  ICF 17:51 22 Jun 2011

Have you used the acronis boot disk before? Do you know how to use it?

  exdragon 17:56 22 Jun 2011

I thought the last time I used it, it started automatically then gave various options. This time there is nothing on the screen at all.

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