seedie 09:21 17 Nov 2004

Was playing Doom95 from cdrom last night and and I stopped after 10 mins. Went back to desktop and left puter and made tea. Found puter had hung completely. No mouse no nuthin and RTC had stopped.
Switced off at mains and thing would not restart.


PSU fan ok

CPU fan ok

HD seems to be turning

Floppy in drive no attempt to access it.

No output to screen and of course no beep.


Memory seatings and position swap.

Disconnected case fans

Disconnected drives

reset BIOS by jumper

No spare PSU Graphics card or Mboard

Ge force 400, AS rock K7S8X 350 watt PSU

All thoughts appreciated.


  Sethhaniel 11:19 17 Nov 2004

is the CD Drive operational ?? CD not stuck??
nothing on screen -
No access to BIOS?

  seedie 11:38 17 Nov 2004

Thanks Seth. cd drive seems ok no screen no bios.
Going to take to local shop in a minute because have nothing to try for substitution. Buying PSU CPU and or MB would be expensive.


  Gongoozler 11:40 17 Nov 2004

Remove the memory, graphics card as well as all the other bits on the motherboard leaving only th eprocessor with heatsink, power supply and power switch. You should now get a POST error beep because of no memory or graphics card. If you still get no beep, you have killed the power supply, motherboard or processor. Fans turning only tells you 12V is OK. If you have access to a multimeter you can check on a drive connector that you have +5V and +12V.

  keith-236785 11:50 17 Nov 2004

sounds like a graphic card problem, ma.

  seedie 15:19 17 Nov 2004

Shop's got it at the moment will let you all know sooner or later. Money's on power supply.

Tahnks for all your efforts.


  seedie 09:46 25 Nov 2004

Got puter back yesterday, the processor and motherboard had blown (AMD ASrock). Don't know why-I don't over clock and the CPU always ran cool, no more than 45C. Have new AMD but now a ASUS MB A7V600-X which seems to be a clever board except you can't boot from more than One HD, I shall be happy to be corrected on this. So here I am £137 worse off and a 2300 semperon running at 1.5 G ?, what next :(

Good luck!


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