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  louandel 07:46 28 Dec 2006

I recently added javascript to the new draft of my index page of my web site.
click here
I have found on other computers it works fine. but on my computer the pop box does not come up. I am therefore thinking the scripting is working but something maybe some settings maybe blocking it from showing on my computer? Anybody any ideas what these settings are? Or if thier could be some other reason. Also i have recently downloaded IE 7 which I am not mad on. how do i get IE 6 back?

Thanks for your help


  mco 09:55 28 Dec 2006

I'm no expert but it could well be IE7 - I got nothing when I tried your site in IE7 (though I did get a message asking me if I wanted to allow scripted windows - I said yes, but still got nothing) However in both Opera and Firefox the 'what's your name' box came up fine.

  louandel 11:22 28 Dec 2006

So either I find out how to allow the prompt box or I revert to IE 6. Anybody got any good ideas how i can do either?


  mco 12:25 28 Dec 2006

I presume you could download and save (not run) IE6 (from eg click here
and then go to Add/Remove Programs and remove Windows IE7, then go back and run IE6. However, that doesn't solve the original problem and that needs to be fixed since increasingly more people will be using IE7.

  louandel 12:30 28 Dec 2006

Which brings me back to square one...perhaps someone knows of a helpline i could contact for IE7?

  PurplePenny 20:34 28 Dec 2006

Have you got pop-ups blocked in IE7? I can't remember whether that is the default setting.

  louandel 22:34 28 Dec 2006

I've stopped pop ups being blocked by clicking on the tool bar when i am in the site. Still no good.
There must be a box I tick do with javascript maybe...having said that the javascript that brings up the days of the week comes up fine. Help!

louandel 00:01 29 Dec 2006

and i'm using IE7. I really can't see many people using the pop up to give information on their first visit to a strange site though. Is it really necessary to ask for someones name in a pop up box?

  louandel 07:38 29 Dec 2006

I can see your point and I think your right. I will change it. but that is not the point of the question. why will IE7 not show the prompt box when other browsers will?


  123joey123 15:12 29 Dec 2006

I changed to IE7 and my javascriopt did not work. This is due, I think to some security upgrades in IE7. I had to rewrite it and it was ok after that.

  louandel 15:32 29 Dec 2006

well thaks for your input guys. I've downloaded the standalone edition of IE6 and it works fine and made this my default browser. I can use IE7 to check future coding.


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