no pictures

  spixworth 19:54 02 Jan 2004

sometimes instead of a picture on web page all I get is a blank window with a small box in the corner containing a red square, a blue triangle and a green circle.
Would be very gratefull if anyone could help me on this. O/S is xp pro

  short-circuit 20:01 02 Jan 2004

The chances are that the reference which tells the browser where the picture for the website has been stored, is incorrect. This could be because the picture has been moved or because the person who has written the page wrote the reference incorrectly or, if the picture is coming from an entirely different server, that server could be down at the time.

It's probably not something controlled from your end if it only happens occasionally.

  spixworth 20:07 02 Jan 2004

it allways happens on 360 degree webcams

  wee eddie 20:21 02 Jan 2004

This happens when I am viewing Off Line. The picture is not available as I haven't saved it.

  short-circuit 21:29 02 Jan 2004

Can you give me an example of a site where this happens, and I can take a look to see whether it is your machine or a site error?

  spixworth 22:13 02 Jan 2004

some sites are click here
click here
click here then create logo

  Jonathan314159 22:28 02 Jan 2004

Pictures came up fine with me

  Irishman 22:28 02 Jan 2004

Have you got Java Virtual Machine. If not click here and on the right you will see JavaVM under popular downloads.

  spixworth 22:37 02 Jan 2004

installed java
still nothing

  VoG II 22:53 02 Jan 2004

It is looking for a .jar file which, as Irishman says, is a Java file.

In IE, Tools/Internet Options, Advanced tab ensure that the Java options are ticked.

  spixworth 06:33 03 Jan 2004

yes java is checked
j2 v1.4.2

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