no picture on tv from pc via s-vid...

  User-44ABB03F-5A01-4521-8D3E7A783936DB72 21:11 26 Mar 2004

i have an s-video lead from my pc to my tv and can view my desktop ok, but when i play any movie files in ANY media player, no picture is shown. i see just black, and hear sound only. signal is being received as media player opens on tv screen but no material is shown. please help, or ask for more info.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:16 26 Mar 2004

Could be that macrovision protection is enabled on your graphics card / software to prevent DVD viewing on PCs and hence recording... I had it on a laptop but as the machine died after two days, I returned it and got a different one.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:48 27 Mar 2004

thank you for your suggestion but DVDs play fine, its only mpeg, avi etc videos('acquired' online) that dont seem to play. they DID work with my existing graphics card but suddenlt stopped showing (i dont remember changing any settings either).


Maybe someone else has a solution...

  johnnyrocker 09:05 27 Mar 2004

you need to click here and for £9.00 or thereabouts problem solved.


  twin 17:22 27 Mar 2004

I have had the same problem I found it was the codecs. download nimo build 5. if you can see the picture on the monitor but not on the tv this is proberly whats wrong.

  twin 17:26 27 Mar 2004

Try differant movie files if some work and some dont then it is the codecs.

i think that it would only be a codec problem if there images werent showing on both pc and tv; my problem is that images are not being shown on tv (but media player, real player etc is showing); all i see is a black screen in player window.

problem solved...'theatre mode' setting was deactivated on graphics card menu.

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