No picture - only letters!

  phil.smith 10:08 24 Feb 2008

Sometimes when I receive emails in Outlook Express with pictures, the picture comes through as a series of letters and no picture. It does say that it should be a jpeg. As they tend to be from the same person, could it be that they are not attaching the pictures properly or have I to chanage some settings in my Outlook Express. All other pictures or graphics from other sources come through fine.


  phil.smith 20:25 24 Feb 2008


  PalaeoBill 23:54 24 Feb 2008

It is more likely to be a problem with the e-mail software your friend is using. It sounds like you are getting embedded images still uuencoded.

Does the picture start something like this:

begin 644 FRED.JPG

If so, try asking your friend to use the Attach button rather than cutting & pasting images into the e-mail body.

  phil.smith 10:20 25 Feb 2008

Many thanks PalaeoBill - will do.

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