No picture but computer makes usual noises

  Midsman2005 10:18 12 Jun 2006

Hello Forum,

When I turn the computer on the fans, etc make the usual noises but there is no picture on the screen. This can happen from a 'cold' start so I dont think anything is over-heating.

Sometimes the computer will start normally and a picture does appear as usual, but then after a random length of time the screen will 'freeze' and the computer won't start again.

I have swopped the graphics card with a known working one and the problem was still there. So the graphics card is not to blame.

I have run the computer with just one mmemory stick at a time and the problem is still there. So it would seem that memory is not to blame (unless I have four faulty sticks!).

I have also looked for any disconnected wires and can't find anything.

Please help!


  brundle 12:29 12 Jun 2006

Try another monitor?

  Tabvla 20:15 12 Jun 2006

If you have access to another computer or even a laptop, try connecting the monitor to that computer and see if it works. If not then the monitor may be faulty.

If you don't have another computer or a laptop perhaps you have a friend that has a laptop that they would be prepared to let you connect to the monitor. (Easier than lugging a CRT monitor around!!)

  woodchip 20:23 12 Jun 2006

This is most likely the PSU, some parts of output volts not right. If you do not get one beep that confirms it. It could be Mobo, but the PSU is the first thing to try

  Midsman2005 15:53 14 Jun 2006

The monitor is fine.

I'll dig out an old PSU and give it a go.


The one beep you talk of does that confirm output voltages from the PSU or the mobo?

Thanks :-)

  Midsman2005 16:21 14 Jun 2006

PSU is fine.

So I guess that now brings the options down to CPU or Mobo?


  woodchip 16:42 14 Jun 2006

If you have a Network Card or Modem card try removing it. then see how it goes

  woodchip 16:44 14 Jun 2006

Plus you could try a basic setup to start the computer, i.e remove all PCI cards have only the Graphics card and one stick of memory in remove cables from all drives and see if you get a DOS screen Black with text on it when you start the computer. If so come back hear

  Midsman2005 16:46 14 Jun 2006

I have actually tried running a near bare bones system of just the hdd, mobo, one stick of ram and agp card commected.

Still the same unfortunately.

So is it simply a toss of the coin between the mobo and processor or is one more likely to have failed than the other?

  Midsman2005 16:49 14 Jun 2006

I'll try removing the hdd connections now....and running it like that.


Thanks so far by the way :-)

  woodchip 16:52 14 Jun 2006

For me the MOBO. CPU very rarer

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