no pic on monitor

  pierc113 15:09 23 May 2003

turned my pc on no pic or anything on the monitor, have tryed it on another monitor same outcome, any ideas ?

  Sion 15:14 23 May 2003

Are there any beeping noises when you turn on your system? If there are, it means your graphics card is not firmly attached into its socket. Thats all i can think of at the moment.

  vinnyT 15:19 23 May 2003

Is the little light (usually green or yellow) on the front of the monitor lit, if not, no power is getting through.

Sion is pro correct, the graphics card does sometimes manage to work its' way loose, just reseat it and see if that works.

  pierc113 15:21 23 May 2003

it as allways beeped once when I turn it on other then that no other beeps, there is no separate graphics card it is all onbourd

  vinnyT 15:29 23 May 2003

Do you get anything displayed at bootup ie. the system POST, before windows starts to load? If you do then the prob is with windows and you could try and go into safe mode, then reload graphics drivers.

I'm off now, but am sure someone else will be along to help.

  Sion 15:30 23 May 2003

One beep is normal, so thats ok. Seeing as you have tried another monitor it seems it is something to do witht he graphics. But seeing as you cannot get any picture on your monitor, it seems it may be pretty hard to fix. Do you have a spare graphics card lying around you can plug in to see if that works?

  Steinman 15:34 23 May 2003

Check your lead between pc & monitor - just in case!

  pierc113 15:40 23 May 2003

I don't have a graphics card i could try, I have tryed it on a differant monitor with a differant lead

  Sion 15:47 23 May 2003

Ok, lets start with a basic checklist

1. Is your monitor plugged into the main, or does it have a cable going into the back of the PC?

2. Does the powerlight come on your monitor when you switch it on?

  pierc113 15:53 23 May 2003

monitor is pluged into mains, cable go's into the pc(blue plug), power light is on on the monitor

  Sion 16:00 23 May 2003

Ok, then its defintely a problem with your graphics card. The only thing i can think of at the moment is resetting your bios options. Which involves adjusting jumpers on your motherboard. How PC confident are you?

This may be last resort though. Perhaps someone else knows something i do not.

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