No pic

  briefcase 21:21 18 May 2006

When I log on to Valencia webcams all I get is a red x but no pictures I can get pictures on other web cam sites Why not this one ?

  DieSse 00:58 19 May 2006

The link you use please.

  briefcase 07:42 19 May 2006

Just logged on to the site off the internet

  DieSse 09:23 19 May 2006

Just logged on to the site off the internet

Yes - but which site?

  briefcase 16:04 19 May 2006

went into google and and found the site ie valenciana comunitat. Sorry to appear thick but I am a beginner !

  DieSse 17:51 19 May 2006

You mean here click here

To get a link posted, you copy the browers address bar into the posting arae, and PCA automatically chages it into a "click here" link. Don't worry - we all had to learn.

So - Ido see the cams - but I notice that the Java program loaded, so is obviously required to show the cams. You can download it from click here hopefully that will fix it.

By the Way - I lived for 17 years in the calpe/moraira area - most recently in Teulada - though we moved some 18month ago to Almeria.

If you look at the Benissa web cam - Les Bassettes - I know it well - even worked on their computer a few times.

  briefcase 20:04 19 May 2006

Yes that is the site I have Java but still get the red x in a box in the top left corner where the picture should be

  watchful 21:24 19 May 2006

of any help: click here

  User-312386 09:22 21 May 2006

click here and install java

  DieSse 12:04 21 May 2006


Er - pays to read the thread ;-))

Don't worry we all do it!

  briefcase 21:39 21 May 2006

Have installed and reinstalled Java Can get the pictures from webcams in Australia etc but not those from communcat valenciana Have also downloaded the site from watchful but problem still remains

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