No Photo Thumbnail Previews?

  southpaw 20:45 22 May 2007


I have Windows XP. At work I am able to open a file containing photos and when I choose THUMBNAIL view I can see a preview of the photos without needing to open each one to view.

At home it just shows a Thumbnail icon. How can I change this?

Also is there a way of printing out a still from a DVD (home video)?

Thanks in advance.

  VoG II 20:48 22 May 2007

Perhaps click here

  southpaw 21:06 22 May 2007

Thanks for the suggestion VoG but no luck.

I have no refresh thumbnail option and the icon is shown for every photo in any file so its not a conflict with any particular photo.

  MAJ 21:11 22 May 2007

Try this. click here line 17 rightside.

  southpaw 21:26 22 May 2007


I ran that program and it hasn't worked.

There was no option box for JPEGs?

  southpaw 22:26 22 May 2007

Anyone have any other ideas?

  Diversion 01:09 23 May 2007

Are you on about the same computer that you use at work; and using it at home too like a laptop?

  hastelloy 07:26 23 May 2007

I don't know the answer to your 1st question, but you can capture a frame from a DVD using photo software - Photoshop Elements certainly does it and I suspect others will too.

  southpaw 18:45 23 May 2007


No. These are two seperate PCs.

The one that only shows thumbnail icons is my home laptop.

Also thanks to marvin42 I will look into that.

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