No phoneline - where do I get wireless broadband?

  snkk197 15:24 08 Jan 2008

Just moved into a flat that doesn't have a phoneline, and the landlord doesn't want me to have one installed!

My friend recommended click here to me, but unfortunately it doesn't cover my area.

Could someone recommend another company to me?

And what should I look out for when buying a new laptop? I read about 3G HSDPA but it sounds pretty expensive, and I'm on a student budget unfortunately!

Many thanks for any help!

  recap 15:29 08 Jan 2008

Would your landlord agree to you having Cable installed? If so click here VirginMedia supply the phone line via the cable installation.

  snkk197 15:30 08 Jan 2008

She's pretty tetchy but changing anything - she won't even get the tap fixed! But thanks for the link, will try at least. It's killing me not being connected! :)

  ^wave^ 15:37 08 Jan 2008

try this
click here;wrpsessionid=x6YkHDYKB9qLGnGgH3Mh7vvjMLJjfvz6Cy11GxgydcCzMJk7BFZp!356466928?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=template11&pageID=VA_0005

  MAJ 15:38 08 Jan 2008

My brother uses this option click here as he's too far out of town to receive broadband via his phoneline. It has a good speed and if you're not a big downloader or online gamer, it might be a solution for you.

  snkk197 15:44 08 Jan 2008

Thanks! I have to slide a 3G sim card next to my battery right? Do all laptops have this available, or is there a specification I have to look out for?

  tullie 15:49 08 Jan 2008

i thught that the only way you could connect to the internet was either,phone lne,cable,satellite or finding a free or paid for hotspot?

  MAJ 15:52 08 Jan 2008

"Thanks! I have to slide a 3G sim card next to my battery right? Do all laptops have this available, or is there a specification I have to look out for?"

I don't know if you were directing that question to me or not. If you were, then no, you only need the modem and a USB port on your laptop/PC. The modem takes the SIM, not your phone, your phone is not involved.

  snkk197 16:00 08 Jan 2008

Cheers, it helps knowing what to look for now.

  PP321 16:23 08 Jan 2008

Just get a landline installed and dont tell the land lord, tell her it was allready there and you just had it switched on. Its not upto u to prove it was, its upto her to prove it wasnt, and thanks to the data protection act she may find that difficult, if she could be bother at all.

  amonra 17:25 08 Jan 2008

If you get really desperate, have a word with some of your neighbours and find out who has got broadband, and would they be willing to share if you pay for a wireless setup. Or if they already have a wireless setup, how much to join ???

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