No. of pages in a Word doc

  exdragon 19:55 23 Jun 2007

I don't mean adding page numbers to the actual Word doc itself, but the display at the bottom of the screen which tells you how many pages your document fills - or at least it did, before I started fiddling about with various settings. I renamed, set the page margins and font to what I wanted as the default, which is fine, but seem to have lost this bit.

It's got to be something so obvious...


  recap 20:09 23 Jun 2007

If you have renamed the file then Windows will automatically create a new file. Whether this has deleted all your previous settings I am not quite sure?

The only reason I can think of for renaming the file is if it has become corrupted in some way.

  I am Spartacus 20:24 23 Jun 2007

Have you checked that View, Print Layout is set?

Other than that I'm none the wiser:-(

  exdragon 21:07 23 Jun 2007

recap - yes, it created the new template with my new margins & font. I'll have another go.

I am Spartacus - yes, I've tried every conceivable view.

It's very odd, isn't it? I'll leave this open for a while

  Woolwell 21:09 23 Jun 2007

I think that what you want is Tools - Options - View tab and in the Show box make sure that Status bar is ticked.

  exdragon 22:07 23 Jun 2007

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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