No Padlock on bottom bar when buying online.

  Giggle n' Bits 02:12 24 Apr 2005

I was going to sign up and buy some carts from Viking Direct, but on the page for putting in Card details I noticed the Gold coloured Padlock you usually get was not there. Should I worry about this.

Viking Direct help pages say they have that Thwart thing protection.

Does anyone know or shop online with Viking direct and could anyone advise please. I lukily haven't typed any card details in so will hang fire till getting some guidance here.

  Dart Echo 03:06 24 Apr 2005

Quite a few online retailers do not have the padlock actually.

I still use them though and in fact use Viking myself.

Please don't treat this as advice. I'm not qualified to offer it on this subject but I've not had a problem to date.

  p;3 07:11 24 Apr 2005

as far as I am aware, if you are giving any card details you should always have a padlock on the site; I for one would be extremely concerned if it were not there; the few sites that I deal with ALL have the padlock; if they dont, I wont use them.

it is up to you, but my advise is DONT :)

  User-312386 07:53 24 Apr 2005

The most important thing is that it says https in the URL

This shows that the site is secure. The padlock is for a verisign certificate click here

  ollie < one> 10:17 24 Apr 2005

thwart thing sounds a bit kiddish or hacker type talk to me i would go very careful if i was you

  Belatucadrus 10:45 24 Apr 2005

I've just checked the Viking-Direct [email protected] site and when you get to the page to enter your account details, there is a taskbar padlock and the address is https. As I don't want to order anything I've not taken it any further, but Viking have been operating as a business stationery supplier for years and their website seems OK.

Your no padlock no deal policy is however the correct one, there are few if any products that can only be obtained from one source and if you have doubts about their security leave them alone.

  pj123 11:54 24 Apr 2005

One of the suppliers I use only has the padlock showing when I sign in. After that the padlock disappears. Does that make the site less secure? I haven't checked the URL but next time I log in I will.

  spuds 13:35 24 Apr 2005

I use Viking Direct and it is a 100% company. I find that it is best to use their freephone order line, as the operators can sometimes offer advice about the product that you may want to purchase.If you are a new customer or have regular update catalogues, then you usually get some form of freebie gift.

  rawprawn 13:58 24 Apr 2005

I find this a great assett click here
It will always show exactly which site you are connected to so that you cannot be mislead.

  Giggle n' Bits 14:40 24 Apr 2005

bit of a mixed response but No Padlock on Viking Direct Business site does worry me. There again Https ?

  p;3 15:14 24 Apr 2005

at the end of the day it is your money and your risk; I for one wouldn"t:(

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