No output on Display

  Lady Lara 13:08 03 Dec 2009


I have powered on my desktop and there is no output to my Screen. I have changed from the Radeon Graphics Card to the motherboard VGA and still no joy. I have checked the ram and that is ok. the fan is running so power appears to be ok but i hear no beeps or the HDD kick in..... I have tried an alternative Motherboard and still the same.

Despite the fan running could this be the PSU or the CPU?

Many Thanks

  johndrew 14:00 03 Dec 2009

Is the screen powered on - is the power light illuminated? If not is it an LCD screen where a separate power supply/fuse may have failed?

Have you checked the input lead from PC to screen for serviceability?

Can you check the screen on another PC?

  Lady Lara 14:29 03 Dec 2009

The screen works fine on another pc.... on the not working pc the light is amber (its a flat screen) and when I power it on it starts off green withe the wording No Signal then goes back to amber (standby mode i guess).

I have tried a second monitor (old style) and that does not receive a signal either.

Thanks for your time so far

  retep888 16:04 03 Dec 2009

<<I have tried an alternative Motherboard and still the same.>>

With the same HDD?

Can you try booting the pc with the HDD unplugged?

A damaged or files corrupted HDD could behave like that.

  Lady Lara 16:17 03 Dec 2009

All together and then one by one, I disconnected the HDD, the DVD Rom drive and the FDD. Same problem exists each time.

  retep888 16:26 03 Dec 2009

The next one to try is the PSU then.

Have you got another working machine and borrow that temporarily.

  Lady Lara 17:01 03 Dec 2009

I have a spare - not sure if it fits/works but will post back soon...... cheers

out of interest... the Heatsink fan is working..... suggests some power... but can it be that it may not be generating enough?

  Lady Lara 17:06 03 Dec 2009

Just checked and the PSU has not got the square 4 pin is a 20 pin but does not havea sata power cable nor do i have a adaptor/connector for sata. Must be an old to ebuyer !!

  Lady Lara 12:06 07 Dec 2009

Tried new PSU....... Still the same problem.... am takign an educated guess that having tried a different motherboard, graphics card, ram, PSU that it must be the CPU. Still waitin g in that to arrive - at this rate I will be abre to build another one !!!

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