No operating system

  talia 17:44 29 May 2003

I have a 4 year old HP machine which has suddenly gone wrong.

I run win98 from it and the machine no longer boots up. I get the following message 'No operating system found'. I do not have a boot disc but when I tried a diagnostic disc it said that there was no Hard Drive found.

I have checked all connections and cables but no good.

Any help appreciated

  Valvegrid 17:55 29 May 2003

You can obtain a boot disk from here:

click here

  DieSse 18:00 29 May 2003

Can you check in the BIOS, to see if the Hard Drive is set to "Auto" for detection?

Also look inside the case, and try taking off and refitiing the cable to the hard drive (power off at the mains first please). Don't be too ambitious yet, just the cables for the hard drive.

The three likeliest causes are - Hard Drive Failed - Cable problems - Battery problems giving rise to losing details about the hard drive.

  DieSse 18:01 29 May 2003

PS - a boot disk will not help if a diagnostic cannot even detect your hard drive..

  pmjd 18:05 29 May 2003

Quick question but can you access the bios to see if it still lists a HDD. If it does then maybe part of it has corrupted so that win98 is unable to load. If it isn't listed then maybe the HDD cannot power up, could be a faulty cable.

You mentioned a diagnostic disc, exactly what did it do? If you can use another windows computer to create a boot disk. It can be done in My Computer by inserting a flopy disk, highlighting the flopy drive and choosing the format option in the file menu. In the format options tic "copy system files"

Also copy the program "scandisk.exe" to the floppy if it isn't there.

If you insert the disk and run the scandisk program from the floppy it should be able to tell you if there are any problems with the drive

  talia 18:45 29 May 2003

cannot access the BIOS to check settings.

I have a feeling that the hard drive has gone. It just gave no warning and I had no sign that all was not well.

I have checked cables and exhanged the cable on the drive for a new one

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