No-one thicker than me?

  squillary 03:30 04 Jul 2006

I can do all sorts of things with a computer - even some it was designed to do! I've had a pretty major problem for a while and I'm just getting round to fixing it, so I'll upgrade some components at the same time. I'm just preparing my ground, except...

...I can't open the bloomin' case! (The shame of it...)

It's a 3 year old Mesh tower. It's supposed to be tool-free but has a key to lock a lever thing at the top of the side panel. I have the key and it fits into the slot but doesn't seem to engage with anything. And the slot is so narrow the key doesn't seem like it'd be able to turn anyway.

I've tried lifting the lever, but it doesn't seem to want to lift and I don't want to break it off.

Does anyone wat to relieve me of my embarrassment or shall I just stew in my own incompetence? I'll let you decide...

  SG Atlantis® 08:33 04 Jul 2006

Maybe Davey @ Mesh will answer you... a new key maybe?

  spuds 09:03 04 Jul 2006

I generally find that the keyed casings, caused far more problems than necessary. Give me the slotted or screwed versions anyday. Once access as been gained, disable the lock. After all, if a thief wants to gain access to the inside of a computer casing, a locks not going to stop them!.

  p;3 09:39 04 Jul 2006

just a thought; have you tried turning the key more than one way?

  p;3 09:56 04 Jul 2006

another thought; are you sure it IS actually locked, and does not just need a touch of nudging here and there to ease it off?

  lamda 11:16 04 Jul 2006

The key fits into a lock in the back of the case-top right hand corner.Just lift catch on sidepanel and it should lift off.

  squillary 12:41 04 Jul 2006

Would that be the lock immediately above where the key is hanging? Er... yes it would.

So there you have it. Thick and blind... :(

...but sorted. Thanks. :(

Spuds: point taken, but I'm sure I'd find something else to be equally thick about.

Can someone arrange for this thread to self-destruct? I'd like to remove all evidence if it's humanly possible.

I suppose a tick will have to do.

  wee eddie 14:55 04 Jul 2006

Many things are obvious to those that already know.

Put anyone in unfamiliar territory and even the most obvious will be hidden.

No sweat - We've all been there!

  p;3 15:47 04 Jul 2006

self-destruct thread? more like self-destruct computers:) however, if you mark it as resolved,it will ultimately slip to the bottom of the pile ; but glad you have been able to get the case off it; how much dust inside?

  squillary 16:21 04 Jul 2006

When I wrote "but sorted. Thanks" I meant :) not :(

We've all been there - and no doubt will be again.

Dust? Well, quite a bit on the outside. Unfortunately, part of my problems relate to CPU overheating so I've had to bump the CPU clock down and that means I won't get inside to check the Motherboard revision until tonight or tomorrow and that'll determine whether it supports FSB 400 or not without a BIOS update.

See the kind of things I can do, yet I still don't know how to open the case? It gets more embarrassing by the hour... :(

  johndrew 16:24 04 Jul 2006

Most accurate statement.....I`ve been there many times and fully expect to go back!!!!!

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