No One Can Solve This Not Even Creative

  ktheed1 21:19 01 Jan 2004

I purchased a Creative Blaster DSL Router from PC World today because my speed touch modem was usb and was slowing system.i have set it up correctly following the instructions and the ethernet LED is on and the power, but the DSL LED just flashes non-stop and is meant to go solid, i think that the modem cant lockon to the DSL frequency on the line i also have a speed touch adsl modem that i got with my Pipex subscription and that works fine (im using it now), i have checked Creative's Website and all i can find is this click here i need this working for tonight if possible im running a 1.7Ghz 512Mb RAM does anyone know or had the same problems with it

  ©®@$? 21:40 01 Jan 2004

have you installed the latest drivers for from creative

  ktheed1 21:46 01 Jan 2004

as its a router i didnt think you needed drivers for it there wasnt any on the disk that came with it there isnt anything at all on there site about this product (i think its because its new)

  ©®@$? 21:53 01 Jan 2004

i couldn't find anything on creatives site about this..

they still should have support for their product even if it's new!

didn't realize that it didn't need drivers..hope some-one out there can give you a helping hand

  ©®@$? 22:01 01 Jan 2004

ont know if this is any help click here

  ktheed1 22:13 01 Jan 2004

thats a walk through i need to find out why it isnt locking on to the adsl signal, i have a feeling it may be something to do with the mac address changing as i have got a different modem - i know that affects cable modems as thats how the isp controls who has access to there network - not sure if its the same with ADSL

  beeuuem 22:15 01 Jan 2004

Have you installed the USB driver as the instructions click here(16481),Kb=Creative ?

  beeuuem 22:17 01 Jan 2004

Sorry, this link should work click here

  ktheed1 22:43 01 Jan 2004

i am using ethernet not usb my old adsl modem was usb and it slowed my system that was the reason for me getting a router

  Q-Bie 22:47 01 Jan 2004

If you purchased this from PC World in Wednesbury then I think I sold it to you :)

The mac address changing won't make any difference, ADSL doesn't check it like blueyonder (In fact I think blueyonder are the only ISP to do this, I don't think NTL checks either)

If the modem is failing to sync at all maybe the modem is at fault? I take it you can login to the router via the PC, but the router is just not syncing up with the DSL signal.

ADSL settings in this country are PPPoA VC Mux, and VPI VCI as 0,38

Failing that try swapping over the router, maybe its faulty.


  beeuuem 22:56 01 Jan 2004

Could you give the model number of the router and your O/S?

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