no no sound video and game controllers

  kimosabi 20:43 10 Apr 2007

HI guys
I have just reformatted my harddrive and removed winxp because the computer was not suitable and reinstalled win98e everything is fine except my sound.In the device manager there is no sound video and game controllers sound socket are connected to the mother board and I do not know what is is called so how do I find out what sound driver I need? The system is an AMD-K6(tm)processor 128 ram
I only want this for my young g/daughter but would like to get the sound working any help or suggestions will be appriciated

  MAJ 21:08 10 Apr 2007

Download and run SIW click here, let us know the make and model of your motherboard, it should also tell you the name of the sound chip.

  kimosabi 21:11 10 Apr 2007

thanks doing that at the moment

  kimosabi 21:24 10 Apr 2007

its model sis530-6801
chipset sis530 cpu to pc1 bridge
chipset vender Sillicon intergrated system (sis)

any other info please ask
regards kimo

  MAJ 21:33 10 Apr 2007

What name does it give for the motherboard, kimosabi?

  kimosabi 21:38 10 Apr 2007

Thats the only info there is besides the cpu info

  MAJ 21:44 10 Apr 2007

There should be a motherboard tab there, kimosabi, but I'm almost sure that this is the correct driver click here you'll have to signup for a free account but it's fairly painless.

  kimosabi 22:58 10 Apr 2007

sorry I have been so long because the win 89 pc is not on the net so I have had to download to my laptop then copy it to a cd then load it on the 98pc which gave me a few probs but the sound is working in system sound test is showing in the device manager whith no yellow ?marks but what has popped up is in the other devices there is a ?mark against DOS mode MPU-401 Emulator tat was not there befor so I don't know if that means anything.So MAJ I would like to thank you for you time and effort in helping me I am learning things every day with the help from great guys like you and Vog and all the other guys who puts there import in so ONCE AGAIN A BIG THANKS I'll keep this open for a few days in case I have to come back to it
Kindest regards

  kimosabi 22:50 12 Apr 2007

At last got all the sounds working biggest problem was the cdrom music played but no sound but ok. Now the problem is that It plays a track for a few seconds then jumps to the next track and so on.This happens on both D&E drive I have tried the music cds in my laptop they play ok.Is this A rom drive prob they were ok befor I formated and reinstalled win98e Your advice will be welcomed

  MAJ 23:28 12 Apr 2007

Hi kimosabi, yes I remember that problem, what's causing it is that your media player is set to only play the intros. It plays the first then skips to the next, then the next and so on to the end of the CD. For the life of me I can't remember the setting to get back to normal play, but it's in there somewhere, check the options/preferences in the media player. Which media player and version of media player are you using?

  kimosabi 23:38 12 Apr 2007

Thanks for coming back.Yes I did see somthing about intros in the setting but I did not know what to do about it I will have a look tomorrow and I will let you know the results
best regards
derrick (kimo)

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