No more Nellie2

  VoG II 22:59 27 May 2005

We've lost our resident malware expert unfortunately.

I (well, she actually) recomends posting at click here

  roy 23:12 27 May 2005

Very sorry to read that but thanks for the shortcut.

  Spark6 23:17 27 May 2005

Thanks for the post.

Nellie - we'll miss you.

  Pooke100 23:22 27 May 2005

Seems like this forum is losing quality members and content.

The most helpful and expert members are leaving, not for us to question of course.

We are getting wind up threads galore and silly posts where people need help to choose a web cam or a £3.65 book!

Bet this either gets deleted or I get a total bombardment of flack.



  Djohn 23:23 27 May 2005

But she is so busy teaching others to deal with malware that she will have less time to help with individual problems herself.

If you post your Hijack logs and only your hijack logs to VoG™'s link, then they will be checked over by other malware advisers,then a final check by Nel , or other expert before replying to you with the fix.

  p;3 23:35 27 May 2005

may I just add;please folks dont resort to the on-line HJT sites that are impersonal; it is not worth the muck-up of Registry and destruction of computers that could result , and even more pc problems than are already presenting themselves; let a human inspect and interpret the log; humans that know what they are doing and have extensive training and experience:))

  [email protected]@ 23:46 27 May 2005

No flack, just total agreement.i know of at least one member who does not post anymore because of the sacastic and inane replies they have received.

  Forum Editor 23:59 27 May 2005

Steady on.

A forum is more than an individual member, or even a few individual members. People have left, and rejoined, and then left, and then..well you get the idea... ever since the forum began. Sometimes people just get bored, and want a change of scene. We routinely monitor lots of different web forums, and we see our members cropping up all over the place - it's a free country, and they are entitled to be wherever they choose. We notice how many members some forums have, and how busy they are, and we notice what kind of content some forums have. The fact remains that we are by far the biggest and busiest UK web forum, and that shows no sign of changing in the foreseeable future, so let's have less of the doom and gloom stuff please. If one forum visitor decides not to participate any further that's her affair, I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason and it's nothing to do with us. Neither is it a signal for wailing and gnashing of teeth. Read what VoG™ and Djohn have said, and act upon it if you need to.

Just because a couple of fools decide to run amok for a few days it doesn't mean that the end of the world has come - we've seen such things before.

The 'most helpful and expert members' are not leaving, your post will not be deleted, and if someone needs advice about a £3.65 book we'll provide it.

  Nellie2 00:04 28 May 2005

Ummm... I would just like to say that every problem that is posted here is a problem for that particular person, it doesn't matter how simple or complicated it may seem to the more PC savvy.
Some people who post here are new to message boards and may not understand the ettiquette that we all take for granted.

The fact of the matter is that people ask for help and the good members of this forum do their best to provide that help. That is a good thing.

I will still be around, but I feel my time is better spent on the anti malware boards where the board formatting is more hijack log friendly.

  TOPCAT® 00:15 28 May 2005

but if it would ease the load off anyone, or website even, you can go click here and copy/paste your Hijackthis log for an instant analysis. Should give a quick listing of anything untoward showing in the log. Very handy I think. TC.

  p;3 00:26 28 May 2005

with respect, what you have pointed to is what I for one have grave concerns about; however, it is not my log that is going there nor my pc that will receive advise from it::))

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