No monitor signal on startup

  Catastrophe 00:51 26 Dec 2010

I have a problem which may relate to buffman's, so I will start a separate thread.

I have four Asus P4P800 SE also X MBs and five graphics cards (two types) and EVERY COMBINATION shows NO SIGNAL briefly followed by blank screen. Monitor power light blinks. Now some MBs may be defective but four of the graphics cards work OK in other PCs.

I had some PSU issues but new PSU gives light on all MBs and also fans working, so 12v also OK.

In all cases initial message is NO SIGNAL followed by blank screen. No BIOS.

I appreciate there may be some voltage problem with some graphics cards. I am talking old hat here. Like £10 graphics cards - nothing fancy.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


  Catastrophe 00:54 26 Dec 2010

Thats both PCI and AGP cards.

  Catastrophe 00:57 26 Dec 2010


In my case Asus P4P800 does not have on board graphics.

  ashdav 00:59 26 Dec 2010

Try using another cable to connect to the monitor as it may be defective.
If that doesn't cure it,try the monitor on another computer to check it works.
Process of elimination and substitution.

  ashdav 01:00 26 Dec 2010

Can you keep your comments in thread where they refer as it becomes meaningless.

  Catastrophe 01:04 26 Dec 2010


I have tried another cable/monitor combination with same result. There are too many variables here. I have not tried ALL MBs and all cards with different cable/monitor.

I guess what I am asking is the significance of NO SIGNAL message followed by blank screen and blinking monitor power light.


  Catastrophe 01:06 26 Dec 2010


Sorry. I started a separate thread to avoid cross contamination. My comments here relate only to MY problem. Not other thread.


  Catastrophe 01:26 26 Dec 2010


"Can you keep your comments in thread where they refer as it becomes meaningless."

I am very sorry if you found my attempt at saving your valuable time offensive,

Since the problems are clearly related I wished to save you the time of asking the same question on "my" thread. I fail to see how this is "meaningless".


  ashdav 09:51 26 Dec 2010

I know what you are doing but other people will read these threads and it becomes meaningless and confusing to them.
NO SIGNAL message means that the monitor is not getting a video signal from the computer so it will then shut down and go into standby.
Causes can be;
faulty monitor
faulty cable
faulty graphics card
monitor plugged into graphics card when onboard graphics are enabled.Some motherboards will allow output from onboard and separate graphics cards at the same time whereas others have to have the output set in the BIOS.

  Catastrophe 10:17 26 Dec 2010


Thank you for your reply.

I have tried another monitor with another cable. No change.

I have tried graphics cards in another computer 3/4 are working fone. Received another card - yet to try.

These boards do not have onboard graphics.

Hence I guess it must be the MB?


  Catastrophe 10:21 26 Dec 2010

Sorry - I omitted to include that monitor with its 'own' cable works fine on another computer.


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