No monitor display, tried most forum ideas HELP!

  saint76daz 20:26 20 Mar 2008

Hi there, spent last couple of weeks trying to resolve problem on my 5 year old Medion desktop PC using previous threads on this forum but have had no luck so I've bit the bullet and written this for your kind attention.......

Basically, I was installing an old second Hard Drive on my PC (which I had used before alongside my present hard drive but took out a couple of years ago), connected relevant cables and restarted PC ok. Rebooted fine with no problems, I then thought it would be good idea to give my Graphics Card fan a clean down. Powered down and took card out and cleaned. When I went to boot up I had no response from my monitor. This is what I have sussed out and tried so far....

Monitor light is amber when on stand by

Monitor will go on for couple of seconds only to show "No Display"

When I power on, the keyboard lights up (number lock, caps lock and scroll lock) but there is no reaction when these buttons are pressed

Optical mouse lights up and is responsive when moved

The PSU and Processor fans are working

No post beeps when powering on

PC will shut down if start button is held for 5 seconds

AGP Graphics Card fan powers up when plugged into brown slot

I have tried the following:

Tried Monitor and cable on my laptop, both work fine

Changed to another PSU which provides power ok

Tried different Hard Drives and jumper settings

Changed over grey Hard Drive Ribbons IDI ATA and in different slots on motherboards (white and blue)

Disconnected Memory Sticks, CD Drives, Graphics Card and Hard Drives to see if there is a device conflict but still get same response

Used onboard Graphics Port with no luck

Thanks in advance to any info which would be most welcome. Any more info required will be responded to ASAP. Regards, Darren

  STREETWORK 20:33 20 Mar 2008

The first thing to do is check all the connections are back where they were when you started.

If all is OK then you have to concider that the card has been damaged...

  woodchip 20:47 20 Mar 2008

You made one mistake, You do not say that you removed the Mains Plug. As when you leave the plug in, the motherboard still as power to it. So Graphics card Motherboard or both could be blown

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:06 20 Mar 2008

Switch off.
remove graphics card and refit.
making sure it is fully pressed home in its slot but do not press too hard it may snap the motherboard.

  DieSse 22:13 20 Mar 2008

Have you tried different RAM?

Removing and refitting the processor?

New motherboard?

  saint76daz 16:32 21 Mar 2008

Thanks for the replies, Forgot to mention the following extra details:

I have removed the Processor, checking to see if the pins are intact and not bent

I know the graphics card works fine because I have tried it on another PC and it worked as it previously did

I have yet to try differnt RAM so I will give that a go when I get home later

I have gone over my motherboard looking for and refitting any loose connections

I have not tried a new motherboard yet, to be perfectly honest I would not have a clue what to look for when buying one. I will have to look inside my PC to check for model number as I had no motherboard manual when I brought it 5 years ago

Hope this is a bit more info for you all,to be honest I'm kind of facing up to buying a new tower unit

  saint76daz 16:22 06 Apr 2008

Many apologies for the slow response, my Girlfriend has gone back to work so I've been babysitting - no spare time!
I have tried different RAM and looked at processor but all seems fine. Have taken motherboard out and checked for broken solder or damage but all seems OK.

My next question now is that I will have to buy a new motherboard and I have a few queries....

The motherboard is a Microstar MS-6719 VER 1 (printed on motherboard itself)for a Pentium 4 processor. I have looked on the Microstar website but cannot find any reference to this board. I have seen one for sell on eBay at £36.

The motherboard came installed in a Medion desktop PC and I have a Medion XP OEM recovery disk which I have used many times to re install my system. If I was to get a replacement MS-6719 board, would my OEM disk install OK or would it violate Microsoft terms of conditions and stop working after 30 days (Im not sure if I remember correctly but if you install a XP copy in which a lot of the hardware has changed, it can throw a wobbly - Since I have brought my PC, I have changed my Hard Drive, Memory and DVD Drive

Last question (I hope) Could I buy another model of motherboard and still use the OEM disk or would I have to buy another copy of XP.

Do you think it would be easier just buying a Tower unit with XP already installed ? I only want to use it to play some old games I have which will not work on Vista or cannot run that well as my Laptop has onboard graphics which is garbage for running my games.

Again, many thanks in advance for any forthcoming info

  DieSse 17:11 06 Apr 2008

"If I was to get a replacement MS-6719 board, would my OEM disk install OK or would it violate Microsoft terms of conditions..."

You are allowed to repair a system - this includes replacing the motherboard with the same or a broadly similar type.

It doesn't, strictly speaking, allow substantial upgrading - eg, faster motherboard, processor and RAM.

  DieSse 17:16 06 Apr 2008

"Do you think it would be easier just buying a Tower unit with XP already installed ?"


Better Spec (faster, more RAM, bigger disk)
Use you old Hard Drive for backup


It costs more
You get a pile of bits (though you could sell some of them second hand.)

  Tj_El 17:26 06 Apr 2008

"Could I buy another model of motherboard and still use the OEM disk or would I have to buy another copy of XP" - If the OEM you have is a Medion customised install disk, you may well need to get another copy of XP.

As it's unlikely you have blown the graphics card the only place where I can see an issue is with the re-seating of the card. Have you also checked the slot on the motherboard is clear of any debris? You might have a hair-line break in the motherboard circuitry otherwise.

  wotbus@ 17:48 06 Apr 2008

When you fitted the 2nd HDD, did you adjust the settings to Slave?
First thing I would do would be to remove it again and remove the graphics card also, to see if it boots and/or what sort of symptom you get.
Did you use thermal paste when refitting the heatsink to the cpu?
Can you get into the BIOS setup?
Can you boot in safe mode?
Have you tried an emergency boot floppy?

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