no micro word docs on vista

  toonfireman1746 19:59 09 Jul 2009

I have loaded 32 Vista after my XP crashed.
But I can not find how to open or infact find a blank micro word document, any ideas?

  VoG II 20:03 09 Jul 2009

You will need to install Microsoft Office.

  toonfireman1746 21:25 09 Jul 2009

thanks can I use microsoft works 2000 instead?
will it work on vista all I want is mirosoft document

  VoG II 21:39 09 Jul 2009

Yes, I believe that Works 2000 will run under Vista.

  toonfireman1746 21:43 09 Jul 2009

will I get micro soft document on it?

  Clapton is God 12:07 10 Jul 2009

"will I get micro soft document on it?"

Given that Works is a micro soft (sic) product; yes, you'll get Microsoft documents!

  lotvic 14:50 10 Jul 2009

You may have problems trying to run Works 2000 in Vista click here

  palinka 13:12 12 Jul 2009

Microsoft Word & Microsoft Works are separate programs, both are provided (sold!) by Microsoft.

Works is, as I have always understood it, a "cut-down" version of Word. (certainly is costs less.)

If you previously had MS (ie Microsoft)Word on your computer you presumably have a disk containing this program and, as VoG™ said, you need to install that program from the disk.

If you had only MS Works then similar applies.

Word was usually supplied as part of MS Office and you will certainly have a disk for that if you had it installed previously.

I've never heard of a progam called Microsoft (MS) Document.
Do you mean will you be able to open documents currently saved in "My Documents"? "My Documents" is simply a folder - it isn't a program that you can put on your computer; but if those documents were written in MS Word you WILL be able to open them when MS Word is re-installed; similarly if they were written in Works - when that is re-installed you will be able to open those documents. BUT as far as I know and in my experience you cannot open Word documents with Works.

  DieSse 13:48 12 Jul 2009

Works is not a cutdown version of Word. It's a separate, low cost, distinct, all-in-one program.

If you have Works Suite, that includes Word as it's word processor.

I also believe the very latest versions of Works include Word, or at least Word compatibility.

Of course you can always get a copy of Open Office - free and Word compatible (and Excel compatible).

OR, also free AbiWord which too is Word compatible.

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