No Memory on Vista!

  tinyy 22:41 30 Aug 2009


I just dont get this at all! I have had my laptop for just over 4 months. It has Vista basic and 140gb and 10gb partition of memory. Apart from having Visual Basic and a few other programs installed i dont know whats using all my memory! I have 4.6gb left and my CPU is more often than not running at 100%! Any ideas on what to do would be very much appreciated!


  birdface 06:21 31 Aug 2009

Under processes in Task Manager what is using up the CPU.If nothing running System idle process should be showing about 95% that is normal if anything else using up a High % of the CPU let us know what.
Make sure your Anti-Virus does not run a scan at start up.Maybe set it to run at a certain time or even run it manually when you want it to run.

  ambra4 07:14 31 Aug 2009

“It has Vista basic and 140gb and 10gb partition of memory”

I believe you mean that you have a 160Gb hard drive with a 10Gb partition and not memory

The 140Gb is the main hard drive partition where Vista and all of your programs & date is stored

The 10Gb partition is the factory system restore partition that will restore the computer back to

the original factory settings

“I don’t know what’s using all my memory! I have 4.6gb left”

You need to do the following

Do a complete deep virus scan with the antivirus software that is installed on the laptop

Uninstall any software that you do not required using Revo Uninstaller

Forget Microsoft Add/Remove program as it leave files in the registry and on the hard

drive which will causes problem uninstalling and reinstalling programs

Revo Uninstaller

click here

If the windows request message to reboot appears after a program is uninstalled “DO NOT” click

the NO button Revo will now search the registry and hard drive for any files that is not required,

just click the “Select All Button” and the “Delete Button” if any left over files are found once the

“Finish” Button” appears you can than reboot the computer

Once you have uninstalled the programs do a defrag of the hard drive using

“Auslogics Disk Defrag”

click here

Once the defrag is completed check the amount of free space on the laptop “C” Drive

  tinyy 12:44 31 Aug 2009

at system idle there is 70 processes on my task manager. is that about right?!

ok did a virus scan and nothing came up but my anti virus was running at start up so i changed that to a scheduled scan.

my problem with removing programs is that i have no idea what is needed and what isnt?

  birdface 17:58 31 Aug 2009

Do not remove any programs from Taskmanager unless you know what you are doing.most of those keep your computer working properly.
Run a defrag.Let us know all the security programs that you have running.Firewall,Anti-Virus.Anti-Spyware.
If you only got 1mb of memory with your laptop you will probably need more.Download Crucial and let it scan your laptop it will tell you what you have and what you can increase it to.

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