no luck setting up wireless connection

  heine otto 13:58 26 Sep 2006

Am trying to set up son's new wireless router, with no joy. I am new to all this computer malarky. Added complication is that the computer in question is at ex-wife's house, and my girlfriend is not too chuffed at the time spent round there. Really need easy to follow advice.

I have attached a dual splitter to the phone line, and wireless modem and computer. All lights on as per the instructions, including a number against one of the connections to say that there is a connection to the internet.

However when I try to conntect to the internet I get a message to say no dial tone. I have tried to input the http, but still just the no dail tone.

The computer was previously broadband via a wired modem.

Any help gratefully accepted

  ade.h 14:54 26 Sep 2006

Just to clarify: is the numbered light an Ethernet connection indicator? If so, that merely indicates the presence of an Ethernet-connected client, nothing more.

Can you not access the config at all? I assume by your use of the 2.1 octet that this a Belkin. If not, you won't be using 2.1.

Have you configured your internet options - on the Connections tab - to never dial a connection? Have you uninstalled or at least disabled any old modem software that may run actively?

Are your cables and filters all known quantities? In other words, do they work?

The first step is to access the config; then you will be able to configure a new WAN connection and go from there.

  heine otto 20:11 26 Sep 2006

thanks for reply

ignore the number above, I did put in the right number last night. it is a netgear

yes numbered light is Ethernet connection indicator

yes I have configured internet options to never dial a connection

no I haven't uninstalled or disabled the old modem software

the cables and filters came with the router all new. they work in as far as all the lights that are meant to come on do so. other than that cant be sure.

dont really know what you mean by configure. is that where I put the http no. in the browser? if so that is when I get the no dial tone message, and I don't know what to do from there.

  ade.h 20:32 26 Sep 2006

Okay. We'll need to do a bit of IP and DHCP checking in that case.

First of all, run cmd or command and enter ipconfig /all. Post the results here. Then run services.msc and check the status of the DHCP Client. It should be automatic and started. There are a few other related services which you can check later if necessary. Finally, open the LAN adapter's properties and check the NetBIOS and TCP/IP are listed and in use.

  heine otto 07:38 27 Sep 2006

ade.h - will phone heine jnr. tonight, and post results asap

  ade.h 12:34 27 Sep 2006

Forgot to mention that you'll find the option to use NetBIOS in the Advanced section of TCP/IP properties. It's a couple of button clicks from the adapter's properties page.

  heine otto 20:42 27 Sep 2006

ade.h - sorry to mess you about, but the ex-wife has said she has found somebody at work who can do it in 10 minutes (more ironic than I care to go into).

so I can stand down. However I intend to get a similar router for this computer at the end of the month, so I may well get back to you at some point.

thanks anyway

  ade.h 20:45 27 Sep 2006

When you come to choose your router, get a Linksys or 3Com if possible. They have proven to be the most reliable and among the most effective and fully-featured routers around without going up a notch to Draytek.

  heine otto 22:14 27 Sep 2006

cheers I will bear that in mind

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