No luck with Downloading Emails

  dregn 09:43 13 Nov 2006

A problem has arisen in that I am able to download my emails ( using MS Outlook or Thunderbird ) but my wife is unable to collect hers.
We use Win XP Pro and I have ethernet connection to the Draytek Vigor 2600G router and my wife accesses the router via a wireless connection.
She has no trouble in using her Browser ( Firefox ) to web surf, but trying to download emails results in timeout and a message about'no response from mail server '. She uses either MS Outlook or Thunderbird as the Email Client. I have reconfigured the email accounts on my wife's PC without effect.
Until a few days ago we did not have a problem. I should be most grateful if any reader could shed light on solving this issue.

  johnnyrocker 09:46 13 Nov 2006

firewall update?


  Terry Brown 10:10 13 Nov 2006

Silly question, but has your wife updated to FIREFOX 2 recently as that has an enhanced firewall and may be affecting the connection.

  brundle 10:18 13 Nov 2006

Firefox has no firewall, it's a browser;
Does your wife use the XP built in firewall or a third party product? Does she have antivirus software set to scan incoming emails?

  dregn 12:17 13 Nov 2006

I'll investigate the firewall issue - and antivirus programs. I did an upgrade to Firefox v2.0 recently on both machines.
Thanks for the suggestions and I will report.

  dregn 19:23 15 Nov 2006

I suspected that the firewall was interfering but I uninstalled AVG Anti Virus and the problem was solved.
I had installed AVG free edition a few days earlier.
When I have more time I will have a go at configuring AVG and see if I have more success. In the meantime my wife is able to download her emails.
Thanks everyone for your helpful advice.

  p;3 20:37 15 Nov 2006

you say you have uninstalled avg? are you then running a computer with no anitvirus protection?

  p;3 21:05 16 Nov 2006

have you yet installed an antivirus program else you are running unprotected and risk infectin especially with the OE mails and passing on infection

  dregn 05:53 17 Nov 2006

Thanks for your warnings and and advice. I installed AVG as a test as my Symantec antivirus protection is soon to run out.
Many thanks


  p;3 07:43 17 Nov 2006

I hope you have not got TWO antivirus protection programs installed on the one machine even if the Symantec one is about to run out, as this will most certainly cause problems and clashes on the machine; it is normally recommended to only have ONE installed else major issues can happen; of interest, what other antivirus program is on there at present?

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