No longer able to connect to my Powerline Network

  Mbube 23:53 11 Jan 2011

I have just posted this in the networking forum but I thought I might as well post it hear as well.

Nearly a year ago I bought 2 Powerline Ethernet Adaptors to boost my Wi-Fi signal via my electric circuit so as to be able to connect my Windows 7 laptop to the internet when out of range of my Belkin router. This worked perfectly until yesterday.

I have just replaced my dead printer with a new Wi-Fi one and decided by way of an experiment to connect it to my Powerline network and then print a document from my laptop in another room. The printer messed up printing the document so I reconnected it to my main Belkin network and printed the document again from my PC. It may be a coincidence but immediately afterwards I was unable to connect my laptop to my Powerline network it says limited availability even when I have the laptop right next to my 2nd Powerline adaptor. When I take the laptop back to within range of the 1st adaptor which is connected to my Belkin router via an Ethernet cable I have no problem connecting to my Powerline network. There is nothing wrong with the 2nd adaptor because I have swapped them over and got the same result.

When I troubleshoot the problem (with Windows) it says “Wireless Network connection doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” I have looked at the user manual on the disk that came with my Powerline adaptors and tried resetting the IP address on my laptop but this hasn’t helped. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is and how I might solve it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  Mbube 00:14 12 Jan 2011

I have just realised I said when I try to connect to my Powerline network it says "limited availability" and I should have said "limited access" it then says "unable to connect" despite saying "signal strength excellent"

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