No Logon Server Available - Removing PC from Domain

  sparrowhawk27 11:07 11 May 2013

I've recently relocated my office, downsizing and reducing the number of users. Previously we had a Server running Windows Server 2003. The first computer I've moved, I forgot/didn't consider (I'm an IT novice at best) that I would need to remove it from the domain before moving it.

The Server is no longer active or online and subsequently when I attempt to remove this computer, using the admin account, I just get an error that there are n Logon Servers available. Frustratingly, just about any chage requires User Account Control.

Any ideas? Or am I going to have to get the Server and connect it directly to this machine?

As I said, IT novice so appreciate any suggestions.

  recap 12:23 15 May 2013

I would suggest reconnecting it to the server as all your data should be stored on the server.

  jaywoo 21:18 16 May 2013

Press Ctrl Alt Del to log on as you normally would, click Switch User, select "Other User" then instead of typing just a username in the upper box, type .\Administrator to log on to the machine itself using the administrator account - password may or may not be required depending on how you set up the machine, and whether you enabled local logon for the machine's Administrator account in the first place. If you didn't but had another account in use before it was joined to the domain you could try that name instead, but you won't be able to remove it from the domain if the account you log in with is not an admin account.

Once you're in you can remove the machine from the domain in Control Panel/System, where it mentions domain and machine name click Change Settings and follow the prompts, or just remove the domain name from the dialogue box and type a new workgroup name if needed.

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