No life in motherboard

  rotate 18:36 16 Dec 2004

I have just bought a socket 370 motherboard very cheaply from Ebay to have mainly as a standby spare. The mobo was advertised as working but make unknown. This is not a problem as I have a program that I can run that reads the mobo bios info so I could then download the manual/drivers etc once I had the details. The problem is to get this info I have to power the board up. I have set the board up very carefully so I can boot and run the software but each time I switch on all that happens is the CPU fan just flickers and the monitor comes alive and dies immediately. I then have to re-set the cmos jumper to get even a flicker again. The board will take Intel Pentium III and Celeron CPU’s I am testing with a PIII 866MHz & Celeron 600MHz CPU both have the same results. I have also tried different PSU’s and have even fitted the board into a PC case correctly but still no good. Obviously without the boards manual I am having to switch on the board by using a jumper on the pins that the power switch would be connected to. Would this seem that the board is dead? Has anyone experienced anything similar?

  splork 19:02 16 Dec 2004

The only suggestion I can make is to try different fan headers - if you have a header labelled CPU or FAN1 try it on each - some boards won't power up if they can't detect a CPU fan.

  Alex-188000 19:38 16 Dec 2004

When you use the jumper to turn the mobo on im guessing you take it out straigh away right? Simply I know but thats my first thoguht!

  rotate 20:04 16 Dec 2004

Thanks for the suggestions. I will try on each fan header and let you know the result but this may be tomorrow now.
I don’t think I am shorting the board out straight away. I have a spare set of correct connectors now and only 2 particular pins on the board show any life but will look into it a little more.

  rotate 08:14 21 Dec 2004

Tried all of the above and more. Even set the board up correctly in a PC case but will not fire up. Result 'Dustbin' Thanks for your help anyway.

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