no laptop power.why?

  sabbs 19:36 25 Jul 2011

I have no power in my laptop, I dont know if its the battery or the lead or the connector. How can I check what is wrong if I have no power?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:54 25 Jul 2011

Remove battery try on mains only (dead battery may be dragging down power supply)

If still dead:

Check power from socket (plug in known working item)

Check fuse in plug

Use a meter to check you have required voltage between inner and outer connections on DC jack plug (19v on most modern Laptops check output value as printed on adaptor)

Check in DC jack socket is loose in back of laptop.

  sabbs 20:05 25 Jul 2011

ok, i took the battery out-still no power.I tried it in different plug sockets-working sockets-still no power. This may sound dumb but how do I check the fuse?I pulled it out but how do i know if its dead or not. This may also sound dumb but... "Use a meter to check you have required voltage between inner and outer connections on DC jack plug "-I dont think I have a meter.(not sure what one is!) I dont know what else to try. Dont wanna buty a new lead incase its not that.PLease help!

  woodchip 20:11 25 Jul 2011

The Mains adapter that you plug into the Laptop, I think is dead, that's what you need a meter for to check it. If its dead the laptop would just run the battery down till it stopped. You need to Check the Adapter label on the bottom for what Output Volts is, input should be 240 volts ac output can be in the region of 19 volts dc. But needs to be same output if you buy a new one

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:15 25 Jul 2011

how do I check the fuse?

Easiest way is to put in a new one. Assuming 3 Amp try it in another plug using same size fuse.

Youtube how to test

  sabbs 20:37 25 Jul 2011

its 5 amp. i tried another 5 amp with the battery in and without.its still not you think i need a new power lead then?

  northumbria61 21:12 25 Jul 2011

I think you need a new Mains Adapter/Charger. There are several sites to choose from if you just Google "Laptop Mains Charger" or there is one such site here for you to look at - just search for your laptop and check that the "output" and "volts" are the same (look on the bottom of your old one) before making a purchase. link text

  northumbria61 21:13 25 Jul 2011

If you search on different sites you will get a comparison of prices and warranties.

  woodchip 22:17 25 Jul 2011

If its a Multi purpose Adapter you need to set the output Volts to the same as your old one

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