no internet on network connection

  chugby 20:33 15 Mar 2005

have networked two computers via modem/router ethernet config, ran the Windows network on PC1 (WinXP) and then ran setup disk on PC2 (WinME)
with a view to sharing internet/printers.

PC1 connects to the internet (broadband) but unable to get PC2 on yet, which has Norton Firewall. Could the problem be the firewall, but not sure what rules to use to rectify.
Norton Firewall has been config to allow IP address of PC1 (For info PC1 has Kaspersky AV/FW.) Any help appreciated.

  chugby 20:37 15 Mar 2005

...PC2 shows as connected on modem/router origo)
connected via a PCI network card.

  chugby 21:10 17 Mar 2005

...on PC2 have tried (i) disabling firewall (ii) using the usb connector to the modem router (safecom - SAMR4114) instead of ethernet cable but no luck with either. Not sure were to go from here, any ideas welcome?

  FelixTCat 08:53 18 Mar 2005

I think you may have confused your system by using both a router and the network set-up process.

In any network, one device is responsible for giving out network addresses to all the others to make sure that there are no clashes. In a network with a router, it is usually the router that does this and so most routers are set up to do this by default.

Where there is no router, Microsoft offers the Network wizard; the pc it is first run on is then set up to give out network addresses. The first address is often the same in both cases (, but even if it isn't, there is confusion.

I would suggest that you go into the TCP/IP properties of both pcs and set them to obtain an IP address automatically and obtain a DNS server address automatically.

It would probably be best to disable the firewalls on the pcs until you have obtained your network connection, then reinstate them, making sure that your range of network addresses is included in the Allowed range, Green zone or Friends zone, or whatever your firewall calls them.

  chugby 23:38 20 Mar 2005

thanks for info, and now connected both PC's to internet.

Also trying to share printer, using the "add printer" wizard on PC1 after enabling "share printer" on PC2, but still wont recognise printer name (also tried with both firewalls disabled). Can you give me any advise on this?

  FelixTCat 10:05 21 Mar 2005

With Add Printer I had to tell it to use "A network printer or a printer attached to another computer". In the next window I clicked "Browse for a printer" then double-clicked on the computer to which the printer was attached.

It does require the pc to be visible on the network.

  chugby 20:30 23 Mar 2005

tried suggestions but no luck, think problems might be that PC2 running WinME.
The Win XP Help states to "click Share on printer, and then, in the Share name box, type a name for the shared printer. If you share the printer with users on different hardware or different operating systems, click Additional Drivers. Click the environment and operating system for the other computers, and then click OK to install the additional drivers" but cant see a field/box for Additional Drivers??
Have two printers so may end up putting one on each but if you can think of anything else let me know, otherwise many thanks for help in getting main problem sorted. Regards

  FelixTCat 21:27 23 Mar 2005

You're welcome.

That help is for when you are sharing a printer on a WinXP pc with pcs running other systems. Your problem is that the shared printer is on the ME pc, isn't it?

If you follow through my advice above, you should find the printer and be able to set it up.

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