No Internet Light on Router

  crmurphy 20:46 29 Oct 2007

Hi all, I hope somebody can help!
We've been happily connecting to the internet via BT Broadband for nearly 12 months, but 3 weeks ago, the connection stopped (the internet light comes on for 10 secs, then goes off). As with many BT Broadband customers, I've sent hours on the phone talking to the Indian Line Faults dept and have tried everything including;
* trying 3 different routers (2 netgear, 1 belkin)
* 2 laptops, 1 PC
* 3 ADSL boxes
* 2 network cables - router to ADSL socket
* 2 network cables - router to PC/laptop
Now briefly, last week, the internet connection worked for 3 days (the internet light actually stayed on). I stupidly unplugged the router to unravel and tidy some cables, and the connection is gone again (i've plugged back in, checked, double checked, triple checked - you get the idea!!). So my question is why did the connection drop for 3 weeks, come up for 3 days, then drop when I unplugged? RANDOM?!?
Of course, the BT Line Faults dept say the line is fine. We do live 10+ miles to the exchange. Our line has been upgraded to ADSL max (whatever that is). There is only one line in the house, nothing (to my knowledge) interupts the line, so why?!? Does anybody have any ideas? Anything I haven't tried? Any advice would be grateful received! Thanks so much!

  Dipso 21:23 29 Oct 2007

You live 10+ miles from the exchange! Did the lost connection coincide with the upgrade to ADSL Max or have you been on Max for some time.

What does this click here say you can get?

  Dipso 21:24 29 Oct 2007

Sorry the link didn't work. Try this click here

  crmurphy 09:13 30 Oct 2007

The prob started before the upgrade to ADSL Max, and still exists after. BT upgraded the line in a hope to solve the problem.

I know the xchange is a distance, but it's been working fine for almost a year?

  crmurphy 09:21 30 Oct 2007

& thanks for the ADSL postcode checker. The response is;

Your exchange is ADSL enabled, and our initial check on your postcode indicates that your line should be able to have an ADSL broadband service that provides a line rate of 512kbps. However, due to the length of your line, an engineer visit may be required, who will, where possible, supply the broadband service.

Our check also indicates that your line should be able to support a potential ADSL Max broadband line rate of 1Mbps or greater.

The actual rate of ADSL Max line rate supportable will be determined during the 1st day 10 days of use, after which the highest stable rate will be set.

So looks like I can get both services......?

  Dipso 09:41 30 Oct 2007

I need more info to be sure (hard to get though when you can't get a signal) but I would say your line length (distance to the exchange is likely to be the issue here). Even though you say it has worked fine up until now, a slight deterioration in the quality if your line could result in the problems you are experiencing.

Follow this and see if your internal phone set up can be optimized click here You haven't changed anything in your home like moved your routers location or added a new phone? Is everything filtered that should be?

  crmurphy 12:26 31 Oct 2007

Hi again

One thing I haven't mentioned is that BT sent out 'Open Reach' a couple of weeks ago (these were the guys that recommended the upgrade to ADSL Max). They changed the socket so I don't have to use a portable filter anymore - it's an intergrated box now . . . .

We've only one working phone socket at our house (we've had 2 engineers at separate times who has gone into our loft and confirmed this), and the socket is shared with Sky, Internet & Telephone.

We do have a security system (the house is rented), so it's not set up (although a light does flash occasionally on various boxes around the house). I'm hoping that's not causing the interference, but like I said, hasn't to date!

Is there anyway PC could be set up incorrectly so as to cause the Router's internet light not to come on? Or should the light always be on, irrelevant of PC/Laptop set up?

This is soooo frustrating, but I appreciate your ear and your help!

  Dipso 16:40 31 Oct 2007

Sky and alarm systems can have an adverse effect on your broadband. I presume the Sky connection will be filtered if it goes through the filtered faceplate...I would try and find out more about the alarm if possible, if that is connected to the phone line, even though it may not be working, it could be causing problems.

It is unlikely this is a problem with the PC.

You say you have tried other routers, have you tried a USB modem, they can in some cases achieve a signal when routers can't. The Speedtouch 330 is a good example, do you or a mate have one you could try. Alternatively you could probably get one for under a fiver on ebay...worth a try.

  crmurphy 17:14 06 Nov 2007

Hiya again
Tried the ADSL wotsit, still nothing.
FINALLY got an engineer out that confirmed the connection keeps dropping (no sh*t sherlock), so they are now physically checking the line from the exchange to our house - maybe a kinky wire apparently (ooh-er!). Let's hope it gets fixed!
Ta for all your suggestions

  jimbob61 21:22 06 Nov 2007

I to am getting a similar problem, I run 4 wireless laptops of a Belkin N1 wireless router. It will run fine for a few days and then it losses the internet connection. I reset the router and off it goes again. I to have tried another router, a Belkin 54 which fell victim the same problem, the ADSL light stays on on the router when the internet light is lost. belkin tech recone that there is a fault with the line, but Bt say no on 2 ocassions. the only thing that seems to have caused a problem is that I upgraded to 8Mb packeage with Bt recently and have put an extesion on the rear of the house around the same time. Its in through the new extesion that our Bt line enters the house. So I think I will have to do the same as you and get a Bt engineer out, but how do you just get an engineer out these days? One other thing that I did was to change the filter to a newer one, thatn seemed to help for a while. But it seems from reading various threats on a few forums that this is a common problem on older lines in rural areas

  crmurphy 13:05 07 Nov 2007

Jimbob - the only way to get an engineer out is to phone the Line Faults dept 0800 7318578 - but unfornately, you'll have to listen to their script, whilst you agree you've done all the checks over and over, AND you'll have to do this daily. Don't do it when you're tired or irritable, cause the pain will be a million times worse! You'll need serious amounts of patience when you make your daily calls, but eventually, you'll get an engineer (probably BT Open Reach). As soon as you get one, get his mobile no., and a call reference no. so you'll no longer have to deal with call centre. Good luck! (You'll defo need it!!)

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