No internet connection on I Pad ?

  ponytail 20:22 26 Jan 2014

My wife keeps getting a message on her Apple I Pad Air to say no internet connection.She has tried her netpad and I have tried my laptop and both have internet connection working so it must be a problem with the I Pad itself.As this did not come with a user manual I am not sure how to go about checking the internet connection.My son actually did the original setup and will not see him now until next Sunday can someone advise

  alB* 21:12 26 Jan 2014

Taken from Apple support, some ideas to try ...alB enter link description here

  onthelimit1 08:47 27 Jan 2014

Apple user manuals - like many other makes - are all on line. For future reference,

see if yours is here

  Woolwell 11:55 27 Jan 2014

Does your wife have a 3G or wifi only iPad? I suspect the latter. If there is no internet connection then it is because it has lost the wifi connection either by it being switched off or problems with distance from or situation to the router. Go to Settings - Wifi - Firstly make sure wifi is on. It should recognise your router and if has connected before then there should be no need to put in the password again.

I seem to remember that you have been told before that the manual is online as is the case with most devices nowadays.

  Woolwell 15:26 27 Jan 2014

Judging by the lack of response it must have been fixed.

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