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  palinka 14:53 01 Feb 2009

OS is Vista; Windows security is reporting that AVGFree8.0 is turned off. But it was definitely on at 9am today when I updated it. AVG’s Update Manager reports a “General error”and I can't update or do anything else.
I use a2 regularly and ran that earlier today – that shows nothing significant: just a few low-risk tracking cookies.
I hadn’t uninstalled or installed anything just before this & everything ws normal earlier today.
Just noticed that the shortcut icon for MS Excel isn’t looking as it usually does – but it still works as normal; that’s the only other feature that has changed in any way, & may not be connected to the AVG problem.
Everything is fine on my laptop (XP)which shares the same broadband connection to Pipex.
Any suggestions, please?

  Pineman100 15:09 01 Feb 2009

If you can't get AVG to run normally, then I suggest reinstalling it. Then run an update, followed by a full system scan.

But if you suspect that other things are misbehaving, too, maybe you should run a System Restore back to a date/time before the start of the problems.

  Pineman100 15:36 01 Feb 2009

Sorry, just reminded myself that you can't get an internet connection. In which case, I'd try System Restore.

  palinka 16:17 01 Feb 2009

just finished another scan (that found nothing)and did a restart. Now get message from Windows defender:
"pplication failed to initialize:0x800106ba. A problem caused this program’s service to stop."
Thanks Pineman 100,I'll do a sys restore and keep my fingers crossed.

  Sea Urchin 16:25 01 Feb 2009

Try this - you will presumably need to download the required program on another PC

click here

  palinka 16:52 01 Feb 2009

Sea Urchin should there be a link there?

  birdface 17:08 01 Feb 2009

Sea Urchin's link opens for me.

  Sea Urchin 17:13 01 Feb 2009

Alternate link to the same site

click here


  palinka 17:28 01 Feb 2009

THanks. Link opens (wasn't there first time) but there is no sign of Windows Defender. I've searched by other means too and it isn't there - in fact the search produced the same messge that "Application failed to initialize:0x800106ba" etc. (so does this realy mean that Windows defender has somehow been deleted? and if so, how do I get it back?)

  palinka 17:31 01 Feb 2009

OOPs, stupid of me - there is a link to get it back; I hadn't read far enough down the page. Sorry!

  palinka 17:52 01 Feb 2009

I downloaded Defender on my XP laptop and transferred it to the Vista machine - but that says "you don't need this, it's on Vista already" or words to that effect. When I look in Security centre yes, Defender is there but so too is the message about "failed to initialise.A problem caused this program's service to stop...etc" So I'm back to square one. It suggests "search help & support for how to start a service manually" - but I suspect that if I do that search on my XP machine it won't find info relating to Vista.

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