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  GregoryJGrove 15:12 02 Feb 2009

I have a laptop with wireless internet. I have a desktop with a usb wireless dongle. I used to have the 2 networked as peer to peer. The problem was that most times the desktop would get assigned an Ip of 269.whatever. If I rebooted both often enough eventually I would get the laptop to (static) and the desktop (auto) Then the desktop could access internet via the laptop.

I got tired of all the rebooting and I set up a DWL-2100AP as an access point - it's IP is, my thinking being that whenever I switch on either pc it has something to connect to.

I have now statically set my laptop to and my desktop to, subnet (I have totally given up on automatically assigned IP addresses).

I also set the desktop's default gateway to

The two pc's see each other and can browse each other, but the desktop has no internet access. Please help...

  mgmcc 16:14 02 Feb 2009

If your Laptop connects to the internet (presumably by USB Modem?) and you have enabled "Internet Connection Sharing" on that connection, *WINDOWS* will configure the network adapter used to connect to the Desktop PC with the address and you *SHOULD NOT* configure the address yourself even using

When ICS has been enabled on the Laptop's internet connection, it will act as a DHCP server and the client PC (Desktop) should get its IP address automatically from the host PC (Laptop).

I have instructions for setting up an "Ad Hoc" wireless network with Internet Connection Sharing at click here

One other thing, if you have the Zone Alarm firewall running in the *HOST* computer, you must reduce the Internet Zone Security level from High to Medium or ICS traffic will be blocked.

  GregoryJGrove 18:17 02 Feb 2009

Thanks for that MG. I followed all that you suggested and the host "laptop" now has an Ip of

"Now follow the same procedure as above for the “Client” PC except for the very last part relating to the IP and DNS addresses. Here Windows should automatically have configured the IP address of and Subnet Mask address of which must not be altered."

On the laptop what do I do about Ip & DNS? Find automatically? That is what I did.

  mgmcc 21:47 02 Feb 2009

If you have enabled Internet Connection Sharing on the "host" Laptop's actual internet connection (modem connection) and selected its Wireless Network Connection as the network adapter that connects to the "client" PC, it *cannot* have a "169.254" IP address. It would only have that address if it was set to get its IP address automatically and was unable to find a DHCP server.

If you have both a "wired" network adapter ("Local Area Connection") and a "wireless" network adapter ("Wireless Network Connection") then, when enabling ICS, you would have had a drop-down menu from which to select which adapter is used to connect to the "client" PC. That adapter would then get the address

  GregoryJGrove 06:25 03 Feb 2009

Everything has now worked for 3 reboots! What I did was to uncheck "Establish a dial up connection whenever a computer on my network attempts to access the internet" and "Allow other network users to control or disable the shared internet connection". Would that have made a difference??

I've disabled the cable network card as I don't use it.

  GregoryJGrove 06:35 04 Feb 2009

This has solved the problem. Thank you very much for your time and trouble.

  prince midas 17:17 04 Feb 2009

Gregory Grove or anyone can you explain in more detail how to connect my Wireless laptop as I also cannot get my desktop to work unless I use my Laptop to connect first with no problems, but my desktop which works probably 1 in 5 tries.
I cannot find the establish or allow anywhere which you talk about.I can find a screen saying network and sharing centre but cannot make sense of it. Tiscali tell me to get my Siemens gigaset router reset on its channel but no one at siemens can give me a phone number for siemens router technical support.

  tullie 18:22 04 Feb 2009

Be better starting your own thread.

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