No icons or tool bar??????????

  woowoowoo 11:14 04 Sep 2005

HelLo all those who are up already on this lovely morning.
Can anyone help?
Yesterday I turned on my computer and was asked to put in my code to start windows, the one you have to put in when your computer is new! Well that was odd, anyway I did that and the computer carried on until it got to the screen when all the icons and the tool bar appear, then it stopped and I got this error message
"Explorer caused an invalid page fault in module
explorer.exe at 015f:00401f31"

So tried to start it in safe mode - same thing.
I have looked on the internet and they talk about replacing files etc. Followed instructions - no good.
So what I thought was I could start again and reload windows, but the computer won't recognise the d drive.

I have windows 98 by the way and am just about to buy another computer, but want to give this one to my son to go off to Uni. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

  mattyc_92 11:18 04 Sep 2005

The easiest thing to do would probably format and re-install, but that takes a hell of a lot of time (up to 9 hours for me as I have loads of programs, personal files and "tweaks" to the registry)

Have you tried doing the virus, spyware, etc.. scans?

  woowoowoo 11:21 04 Sep 2005

No I can't do anything in windows. Its done scandisk - is that what you mean - not great at this sort of stuff.

  AndySD 11:22 04 Sep 2005

click here and get the correct boot disk and create a boot floppy. boot from this and the cd drive should be recognised.

  mattyc_92 11:24 04 Sep 2005

Ok... So you have tried to format and install Windows?

Please note that formating should be the LAST thing you should try as you will loose everything on your system (your pictures, programs, music, etc..)

  mattyc_92 11:25 04 Sep 2005

If you wish to format your system, go to click here and click onto "Windows 98 boot floppy" link (it is in the 9th bullet point)

  woowoowoo 11:28 04 Sep 2005

Cheers Andy - having a go at that.
Matty - I have a CD with windows 98 on but the computer won't recognise the d drive

  mattyc_92 11:32 04 Sep 2005

Then either use Andy's link or mine and download the "boot-disk" image. Then just simply extract it to a floppy disk and boot from that.

Select "Start with CD-ROM support". When the input prompt is displayed, type (where [enter] means press Enter):


format c: [enter]

y [enter]


Your c drive will be formatted. Once formatted, type (where [enter] means you press Enter):


d: [enter]

setup.exe [enter]



Your system will be scanned for errors and if no errors where found, setup will begin.

  woowoowoo 11:35 04 Sep 2005

Thanks - I have the boot disk now and am off to give it a go. Fingers crossed.

  woowoowoo 11:40 04 Sep 2005

Put the bootdisk in and I get this message "ntldr is missing" Any suggestions?

  mattyc_92 11:48 04 Sep 2005

Try from my link

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