No Icon for camara

  toonfireman1 19:54 22 May 2004

I have a new digital camera A Traveller DC 5300
I am having problems down loading to my computer, the instructions say that icon saying” removable disc” should appear on “My computer” window it does not.
When I connected up the first time it said at the bottom left of my screen that a new driver was found. I does not say that when I have tried again. Although it does make a pretty sound.
I am on XPpro
Please keep it simple I am not very IT

  grabster 20:08 22 May 2004

Hi, if you connect the camera with a usb cable then the icon should show after a few seconds on the "my computer" screen ,win xp doesnt need drivers as they are built in.
have you tried to reboot your system then check ?

  toonfireman1 20:39 22 May 2004

yes have just tried no luck

  Charence 20:52 22 May 2004

When you plugged it in the first time did it work? And when you unplugged it the first time did you "Safely Remove the Device" using the icon on the taskbar? If not it sometimes doesn't close properly and may cause errors on the flash memory.

When you said it makes a pretty sound, I think that means that it detects the device is connected. Does the camera get automatically switched on and runs from PC power?

If so, then if you go to MY COMPUTER it should be there.


  Salinger 21:02 22 May 2004

Use a Card Reader.

  toonfireman1 14:07 23 May 2004

It does not switch on auto when pluged in to the computer, put a sound is made which I think means it has found it.
What is a card reader
When I turn on the camara when pluged to USB port "no card" flashs once on the viewing screen. the card is in I have removed it and replaced it but to no avail.
It has worked once since I have been trying I do not no how, it has not worked again.
The computer makes a sound when I turn the camara on

  Graham ® 14:36 23 May 2004

A card reader plugs into a USB port, then the card from the camera goes in the reader. Many people prefer them, especially when they have had problems like yours.

As you have found, the set-up with the camera will work the first time, but not subsequently. Once installed, you can leave the card reader connected.

  Wak 16:25 23 May 2004

"It does not switch on auto when plugged in to the computer"

I don't know if this is anything to do with it but most cameras, when switched to "Auto", are in the picture taking mode. When transfering the pictures to the computer, the camera should possibly be switched to the Playback mode.

I may have the wrong end of the stick but a good read of the instruction manual could be of assistance???

  toonfireman1 16:51 23 May 2004

having had a good read of the instructions, it says the mode setting should be the PC setting yet no where in the book which I have now read 5 times does it indicated how you do this I have tried on the play back mode just the same.
when turning on to the computer it flashs up "no card" I am sure this is something do with the problem.

  Wak 20:22 23 May 2004

I've just entered this camera in Google and come up with a forum about Aldi.
Is this an Aldi camera?? About £200??
I'd be inclined to ask someone at Aldi to explain how it works if it doesn't tell you in the instruction manual.
Is there anything mentioned about the PC mode in SETTINGS which are most likely viewed on the camera screen??

  rusty 20:50 23 May 2004

I have one of these cameras, which when connected to my PC Win.XP Pro.downloads OK.
my setup is as follows.
Connect the mains power lead to the camera turn the top "mode Knob"to the little blck arrow.(next to the green "A").

connect the USB connecter to the Camera "make sure it is the right way round and PUSHED all the way in.

Connect the camera to the USB on the PC, and it should be reconised. In the LCD display window on the camera you should see the message "UCB Mode.

All the above works for me. -Hope it is some use to you.


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