No HDD on boot up

  Drifter 16:31 17 Dec 2003

I have an interesting little prob, put together a new system and had to change the Intellimouse as I kept getting lots of single bleeps and 5sec freezes. It's OK now with an old 3 button mouse but will never boot up 1st time, it can't find the primary master drive. If I reset, it boots up fine.
Using ECS K7SOM+ rev7 MoBo
Duron1800+(1200MHz) CPU
256Mb ddr266 PC2100 RAM
and XP OS.
Anybody got any ideas?
thanks in advance,

  xania 16:39 17 Dec 2003

You indicate that the old type mouse works OK but your intellimouse does not. If your intellimouse worked previously, I doubt that's causing a problem which leave the mobo at fault. Now your HD is only being seen if you reset. How old is this motherboard? I suspect that you have a fault somewhere. If new, I would get it tested/replaced by the supplier.

  stupidhead 16:43 17 Dec 2003

I've had a smiliar problem, (different mobo though), but I found the workround was to change the HDD to Cable Select from Master....

It did the trick.....hope that helps

  Drifter 16:44 17 Dec 2003

Yes, the mouse was fine before on another PC, the MoBo, cpu, HDD and RAM are all new from ebuyer, are there any progs I could use to check the MoBo?

  Drifter 16:48 17 Dec 2003

interesting thought, Stupidhead, I have the HDD as Primary Master and the CDROM as Secondary Master, but I shall check my settings and try your work around, Do I need special IDE cables for cable select?
Thanks, Adrian

  Stormpool 16:49 17 Dec 2003


  Drifter 17:24 17 Dec 2003

I had the HDD set to MASTER WITH SLAVE PRESENT, instead of master/single. Now boots up in 5sec first time. Sorry everybody. Another error I won't make again?????

  Drifter 17:30 17 Dec 2003

And the other mouse is fine now.

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