no hard drive detected

  smeetle 13:50 21 Oct 2011

this morn i was doing a windows defrag and my screen flashed up a load of numbers on a blue background,when i tried to reboot with my recovery cd it says no hard drive detected set up cannot continue,i had a look in the bios and the hard drive 0 has dissapeared,does this mean it is dead or is there maybe any fix around for this. the message on the screen didnt stay on long enough for me to note it down.

many thanks


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:34 21 Oct 2011

Remove / refit power and data connections to the drive. might also be worth swapping cables.

see if the drive is detected in BIOS.

  smeetle 10:29 22 Oct 2011

Hi Fruit bat

thanks for the reply,,i have followed your instructions to the letter to no avail i get the following message. PXE.E61 Media test failure check cable. i have checked and even changed the cables,also i have a couple of spare hard drives which i also tried,but still get the same baffled,any further assist would be most gartefully appreciated.

thks Mick

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:47 22 Oct 2011

PXE.E61 Media test failure check cable

means its trying to boot from a network device , this is usually because it cannot find a hard drive or the operating system on a hard drive.

When you fit another drive you need to get the BIOS to detect it by setting it to auto detect the drives.

If it will not detect any drive and you know the drives are good and you know the cables are good then the only other faults may be a faulty PSU not supplying power to the droves or a faulty motherboard.

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