No hard disk in drive - repeated message on screen

  Tammy Troot 06:31 13 Jan 2011

I have a Windows Vista PC. While PC otherwise works normally, I keep getting a message box on screen which says :-
"Sump.Exe-No Disk
X There is no hard disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive /device/hard disk/DR3.
Cancel Try again Continue "
Clicking on one or other of the 3 choices repeatedly temporarily gets rid of the message box but it soon returns. Can you help me to remove this irritating problem permanently please?
Tammy Troot

  Graham. 09:35 13 Jan 2011

Did you recently install and run a scanning program?

  Tammy Troot 16:41 13 Jan 2011

No,I have not recently installed and run a scanning program.

  johndrew 16:44 13 Jan 2011

Have a look at the boot order in BIOS. If the DVD/CD drive is first move it to the second position with the HDD your C: partition is on at the first option.

  Woolwell 17:08 13 Jan 2011

Have you installed Speed up My PC program? If so uninstall and possible re-install but I have little faith in such programs.

  Tammy Troot 19:01 13 Jan 2011

john, since receiving your input I have learned much more about BIOS but have not been able to find the boot order. BIOS is not something I have ever touched. I can say that the HDD drive appears first in the list of drives in the Control Panel.

Woolwell, thank you but I have not installed Speed up my PC program.

  Woolwell 19:16 13 Jan 2011

If you have not installed speed up my pc program then you need to do a full anti-virus/anti-malware search as you may have a virus as sump.exe is normally associated with that program. If you haven't got malwarebytes click here then I suggest you download the free cersion and run it.

  GaT7 19:30 13 Jan 2011

First try a System Restore to a point before this began to happen. G

  johndrew 10:10 15 Jan 2011

Not knowing which BIOS you have I can't point you at the route to the boot order for your PC. However, all BIOS have similar menus so the links should help you select as required:

click here

click here

In case you find a video helpful there are plenty to choose from here: click here

  woodchip 11:18 15 Jan 2011

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