No graphics at start up

  1st RHA 15:00 02 Mar 2003

Medion 2.66 ghz 120 gb hdd 256 ddr ram 128 mb ddr graphics ti4200 something graphics, everything fine then oneday I booted and when I came back screen all pixellated and weird rebooted and nothing seems to be booting as various peripherals react (like wheel etc..,) tried swapping graphics cards both ways cards fine still no joy so think it must be mobo or psu (ps my psu is 250 watts output isn't this too weak?) got a q-tec 550 watt atx dual fan gold can I just swap this or will parts of puter ligfht up, is this likely to fix problem, Have I got rsi with all this typing?

  1st RHA 15:02 02 Mar 2003

did once get it to boot again then it went pixellated and died again (not really pixellated but hard to explain)

  1st RHA 15:26 02 Mar 2003

taking kids swimming but will be back to continue soonish-thanks.

  1st RHA 18:01 02 Mar 2003

but no help yet, any suggestions?

  DieSse 18:16 02 Mar 2003

Your power supply is probably too poor at 250W. I've never seen a 250W supply with the auxiliary power connectors - so you may have quite seriuos power problems.

Yes - replace the PSU - and note where to put the extra P4 power connectors, too.

  DieSse 18:17 02 Mar 2003

Ah - sorry - you didn't actually say P4 - but if it is an Athlon - then you absolutely must uprate the PSU. Lack of power to the graphics card could be the root of your problems.

  1st RHA 18:29 02 Mar 2003

fortunately havent disposed of old setup yet take it the extra power won't blow anything then?

  DieSse 18:37 02 Mar 2003

No - a PSU simply supplies as much power as is required - the problems come when too much is required.

  1st RHA 18:39 02 Mar 2003

if this doesn't work I take it the mobo needs a slight adjustment with a handy ice axe!!!

  DieSse 18:45 02 Mar 2003

Possibly ;-))

You have a nice system there that would benefit from another 256Mb RAM methinks (presume you're running WinXP).

  1st RHA 18:48 02 Mar 2003

but as it's so new trying things out to see start point before going further, Why don't I taker it back? stuff on Hdd and as it's from Aldi, it's money back postal returns, can't be doing with that.

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