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  y_not 06:59 11 Dec 2005

For the last three years I have used two PC's linked by a Belkin KVM switch.

A few days ago the display on one of the PC's suddenly stopped - just left with a blank black screen!

Having recently upgraded Pinnacle I had had to upgrade the graphics card so assumed that the new card had failed and replaced it ... still had the same problem - blank black screen.

Since then I have replaced the motherboard, taken the KVM switch out, removed ALL the cards etc. from the new motherboard but still I am not getting even a POST screen!

I know I will need to reinstall Windows at some point but all I am trying to achieve at the moment is to see a POST BIOS screen.

The simplest setup so far has been Monitor direct cabled to Graphics card (AGP) which is mounted on the motherboard with NOTHING connected except CPU & fan (No HDD, RAM, sound, network, DVD) as I think this should cut out any conflicts etc.

My only other possible problem is CPU - but what would the effect be?

Any advice would be great - thanks


  Diodorus Siculus 08:11 11 Dec 2005

What about the chances of the PSU having failed? Do you have one that you can substitute?

  y_not 08:18 11 Dec 2005

Many thanks for the reply.

The PSU appears to be working (fans running) the graphics card takes its power via the AGP slot (no additional power supply).

Without stripping another PC I don't have a spare; could it be that a partial failure of the PSU could stop the power supply just to the AGP slot?

If this is a possibility I'll nip out (later this morning) and pick up a new one) - I'm desperate to get the problem fixed!

  Diodorus Siculus 08:37 11 Dec 2005

Not so sure any more - if it is providing some power, then I would think that it may instead be a motherboard failure. As you have replaced that, then I am not sure what's going on.

When you put in the new mobo, are you sure that it is not shorting on anything? Try connecting it up to the PSU while out of the machine on an anti static sheet.

  y_not 09:00 11 Dec 2005

When I replaced the board I swapped a midi ATX for a full size ATX so (as usual) I had to move the mounting "stand-offs". I am certain thatt there is no connection between any of those and the board (brave statement but it's one thing I'm always very careful about)

Also it would be very strange for one board to fail with a particular fault then replace with a different size board and happen to have exactly the same fault.

Any other suggestions, please?

  alan227 12:22 11 Dec 2005

IF I read your post correct, you have said that you tested it without any RAM in, how will it work without Memory installed?.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:33 11 Dec 2005

Minimum set up = PSU, motherboard, CPU, memory and graphics.

From your description sounds like PSU is shot, delivering enough to run fans but not powering board/CPU (quite a common failure)

No need to strip the 2nd PC just unplug 20 pin (and 4 pin if fitted) and extend out of case to new motherborad sitting on newspaper.

  y_not 13:52 11 Dec 2005

Tried both with RAM installed and without - without RAM fitted I thought the BIOS would attempt a memory test and report no RAM fitted.

Is this not correct?

I'll call at PCW tomorrow and pick up a new PSU - the old one has been in for over two years and I run the PC's for more hours per day than I should so refreshing the supply is not a bad idea anyway.

Many thanks for the suggestions - I'll post back as soon as I've fitted it.

  y_not 20:05 15 Dec 2005

Since last posting I have rechecked the mountings - nothing touching.

Used the problem to persuade "she who must be obeyed” that I needed a new CPU. (Arrived from Dabs 12.5 hours after ordering!!)

Installed it and got a post screen! I thought the problems were over ... how wrong can I be?

Shut down and attempted a reboot (no unnecessary cards fitted). Nothing ... no fans, beeps, graphics just nothing.

Seemed you guys were right so off to PCW for a new PSU.

Just fitted it (all connections checked); press the button and .... nothing no fans, beeps, graphics just nothing.

At this point I have refitted the cover and stuck it under the desk in disgust.

Bye the way - yes I tried the obvious and replaced the fuse then tried the power lead from the system I am currently using.

In summary I've fitted new: -
Motherboard, CPU, graphics card and PSU. RAM was new 5 weeks ago and this is the eighth (I think) system I've put together to say nothing of upgrades.

Who said computers would save us all time!

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