No files displayed in 'save' windows in IE6

  dave h 12:45 15 Oct 2003

When I 'save' a picture file from the internet, in the 'save' box that appears and I select a folder that I know has other pictures in it, the existing picture files are not displayed.

In earlier versions of IE they were displayed.

It's not a big problem but I'm curious to know why.

(I'm running XP)

  MAJ 12:49 15 Oct 2003

If you're saving the files in, say, jpg format and there are no other jpgs in that folder, then no pictures will be displayed even if there are other pictures of a different file type in that folder.

  MAJ 12:50 15 Oct 2003

You would have to click the "All Files" option on the dropdown menu to see the other pictures.

  dave h 13:02 15 Oct 2003


Sorry, no, the folders contain Jpegs, and the file being saved is a jpeg.

Further info though, I hadn't noticed before, but this phenomena only occurs when I'm using my Iomega Zip Drive, it doesn't happen on my 'C' drive...

Still wondering....

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