No evening internet connection

  Spark6 10:21 26 Sep 2007

For the last two evenings I have been unable to access the internet and yet there has been no problems during the day.

XP Pro SP2, TalkTalk3 international call plan and broadband, Netgear DG834 ADSL modem router. I have, this morning, made a note of the router status when it is up and running and will do the same this evening if it fails again. What differences, if any, should I be looking for?

  Brad G 10:25 26 Sep 2007

do you have a bandwidth allowance during peak hours? you will need to refer to your ISP information to check

  Al94 10:39 26 Sep 2007

May be caused by poor line quality, breaking down with increased contention in the evenings.

  Stuartli 11:36 26 Sep 2007

I'm on the same plan - very occasionally there are short breaks at various times of the day which I've presumed are due to TalkTalk installing/updating its LLU equipment.

As for Brad G's query, there are no bandwidth allowances at peak hours; there is, however, a 40GB limit per month which is more than adequate for mine and most people's use.

You can check your phone line for quietness by dialling 17070 and selecting option two (Quiet Line).

  Spark6 12:01 26 Sep 2007

Many thanks for your response. I can confirm your comment re short breaks and the 40GB limit, neither of which have caused me any undue difficulties to date. I have tried dialling 17070 and do not receive any options, only a recorded lady's voice giving me my telephone number, complete with area code, then repeating it.

Al94: your point re contention is a possibility but it seems odd that this has happened only on Monday and Tuesday evening.

  davidprc 12:36 26 Sep 2007

Have you set a time band on your router? Or what FW or security suite are you using - have you set any time windows in there?

  David4637 12:45 26 Sep 2007

Dial 1, and listen and check you have no line noise - crackling or hiss. If you have then your connection will be poor. Call your phone provider if so. David

  cocteau48 14:06 26 Sep 2007

I cannot verify this myself but someone on this forum recently posted this
0192 555 6470 (office hours)
as a direct access to TalkTalk's second line of technical support in Warrington.
Anything which cuts out the dreadful Asian call centre has to be worth a try.

  Spark6 14:08 26 Sep 2007

No time band has been set, Zone Alarm and AVG has been running for years on this computer with no disconnection problems.

Dialled 1, message stating 'this number is not recognised etc', no crackling or hiss!

I shall await developments this evening.

  Spark6 14:11 26 Sep 2007

Typing when you posted, I'll try that number tomorrow if I have a disconnection this evening.

  Stuartli 14:48 26 Sep 2007

>>only a recorded lady's voice giving me my telephone number, complete with area code, then repeating it.>>

You must be on a TalkTalk LLU equipped exchange - the 17070 service is part of the BT engineers' test facilities.

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