humbug59 17:49 16 May 2008

I have been getting an intermittent fault where the DVI signal just cuts out to a black screen. The computer is still running normally. I think that playing the Half Life game has corrupted my Graphics drivers. I have tried a full reinstall of windows. I have checked my ram memory. I have tried to download the latest drivers from the manufacturers website to no avail. I am now getting blue screens with a message "DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL". I am at the point of buying a new graphics card, but if anyone has any suggestions, I would be grateful. Thanks - Humbug59

  wotbus@ 20:50 16 May 2008

Playing Half Life (or any other game) will not corrupt your drivers.
As you give no specifications for your setup or whether the fault is recent or not, I suspect Half Life is simply too graphic intensive to the extent it is freezing your system.
Re-installing Windows does just that - re-installs Windows, installing the latest drivers should be straightforward.
First thing to do is check the requirements for the game - remember Minimum means just that. Doesn't mean the game will run properly ;-)

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