No DVD signal on Freesat/Sky system

  Pineman100 18:18 02 Oct 2009

We've recently bought a new LCD TV to replace our ageing CRT model, and it has so many input/output sockets that I'm getting thoroughly confused about incorporating a DVD player into my twin receiver setup. I hope you can help please.

Here's my system: Samsung 37" LCD TV; Sky dish with quad LNB; 2 feeds to Humax Foxsat Freesat PVR; 1 feed to standard Sky box; 1 feed spare.

The Freesat box connects to the TV via an HDMI cable. The Sky box connects to the TV via a SCART cable, entering the TV through a SCART socket labelled Ext1(RGB). These both work satisfactorily - if I'm watching Freesat and switch on the Sky box, it replaces the Freesat programme, and vice versa. No change of selected input is needed. That's all fine.

The Freesat box and the Sky box both have SCART sockets labelled VCR. I have tried connecting my DVD player cable to both of these, on the assumption that - when switched on and played - the DVD signal will break through on to the screen (which is what used to happen on the old CRT TV). Wrong! Nothing happens.

I've also tried connecting the DVD player directly to the TV, into a SCART socket labelled EXT2(AV). Still nothing.

I'm pretty confident that there's nothing wrong with the DVD player. But I'm not at all confident that (a) I have set up the correct combination of connections, or (b) that I understand the system for selecting the the correct TV input.

Bearing in mind my ignorance about all this, please could you recommend the best setup for all these connections into the TV, and which input selection to make for watching each one successfully?

Many thanks for any advice.

  eedcam 18:55 02 Oct 2009

(dont think either the Freesat or Sky box enable Pass through which is waht you used to have .As for the dvd not playing on the TV check your manual you may have to select something for that scart input Like in menu >AV perhaps

  lofty29 19:15 02 Oct 2009

I think that you will find that the scart sockets labelled vcr are outputs, and that connecting the dvd player to ext2 will require you to select your av input from the menu or an av button, on the remote.

  Pineman100 19:16 02 Oct 2009

I presume you are suggesting that my best bet is to connect the DVD SCART direct to the TV?

I have tried pretty well all the input choices on the TV's menu, but I'll double-check your suggestion again.

Thank you.

  lofty29 19:20 02 Oct 2009

ps dont forget that ext1 takes priority over ext2 if signals are recieved from both sources.

  Pineman100 19:26 02 Oct 2009

I'm not sure that the VCR SCART sockets are outputs - particularly in the case of the Sky box. I don't think Sky permit recording of their programmes in this way, do they? In any event, aren't SCART sockets both in- and output? Or am I wrong?

I'll certainly try again at selecting the AV input (having connected the DVD player to that socket).

Thank you.

  Pineman100 19:28 02 Oct 2009

Thanks for that extra note - it's useful to know that.

  woodchip 19:34 02 Oct 2009

As above you have to use AV change to the correct AV while DVD is playing

  Stuartli 19:42 02 Oct 2009

I use a Scart to Video (yellow) and red and black audio leads from my DVD player direct to the TV.

Can't remember offhand if it's S-Video or RCA phone (think it's the latter) without getting everything out...:-(

The switch to watching the DVD player is done via the remote control and input choices.

  Stuartli 19:45 02 Oct 2009

The Scart plug is used in the DVD player and the phono plugs in the TV.

Note that some Scart leads are one-way only, so check you have the correct version if you use this method or that it is two-way.

  BRYNIT 20:09 02 Oct 2009

I don't think it would work via the HDMI connection of your Freesat box. It should work via the Ext2 of TV if it used to work on your old TV but as eedcam has said you may need to change a setting on the TV Menu

Possible faults.

1 Bad connection via scart lead
2 Scart lead faulty
3 DVD scart connections faulty

Things to try.

1 Check that the scart lead on DVD is fully connected at both ends, remove and replace.

2 Try DVD in Ext1 first to see if it works. If this works go to 5

3 If not use the scart lead from sky box this should eliminate the scart lead.

4 If DVD still does not auto switch check it could be a fault with DVD scart connection.

5 If you have managed to get DVD to work via Ext1 try connecting to Ext2 of TV

6 If DVD now works connect sky box to Ext1 make sure you are not using faulty scat lead. If it does not work connected Via Ext2 check TV manual to see if you need to change any of the setting.

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