No driver needed for CD but still missing/corrupt

  as400man 18:28 01 Feb 2003

My CD/DVD-rom gives hardware message 'driver corrupt/missing' but manufacturer's site says no driver needed for the device, uses XP default. Tried uninstall/install but still gives same error. Could I download the default XP cdrom.sys from anywhere? I could set up XP again from floppy but would this be a good idea just to get the CD working? What could I screw up in the process? Tearing my hair out over this one.
Please help if you can. Thanks.

  Rayuk 18:46 01 Feb 2003

Have you tried Windows update see if it will pick up a driver

  Cuddles 18:48 01 Feb 2003

Have you tried removing entry from device manager then rebooting.

  as400man 19:02 01 Feb 2003

Tried both. Windows update suggest nothing for drivers. Uninstalled/installed many times with re-boot etc.

  misery 19:09 01 Feb 2003

show in the BIOS as a cd/dvd? or as a hdd or not showing at all?

  woodchip 19:12 01 Feb 2003

As I put before you need DVD software loading, which contains a driver ie PowerDVD

  as400man 19:47 01 Feb 2003

BIOS shows DVD rom.
The DVD software is active but it just says cannot find DVD rom device.

  Stuartli 19:55 01 Feb 2003

Have you tried SFC (I believe there is a version of it available on XP)?

This should find and replace any corrupted file.

Also is the jumper set correctly on the drive and the leads properly inserted?

  Stuartli 19:57 01 Feb 2003

As you have obviously realised the only drivers that CD/DVD-ROM drives and rewriters need (at least with Windows 98 etc) are the basic ones with the OS.

  tony1160 20:06 01 Feb 2003

hello mate, i think this sounds like a file missing out of your you get the error when booting

  jazzypop 20:14 01 Feb 2003

Exactly when does it give an error message? When you fist boot, when you look in Device Manager, when you try to play a CD or when you try to play a DVD, or when you try to examine the contents in Windows Explorer?

Does it give any more detail in the error message?

As said above, is it correctly identified by the BIOS?

Does it show up correctly if you right-click My Computer, choose Manage > Disk Management? What options do you get if you right-click it in Disk Management?

More info, please :)

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